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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
X2.04-8537 (SBIR 2004-1)
Carbon/Liquid Crystal Polymer Prepreg for Cryogenic and High-Temp Applications
Jerry Fanucci,
$70,000.00 MA Exploration Systems MSFC 2004
X2.07-8646 (SBIR 2004-1)
High Transparent Metal Oxide / Polyimide Antistatic Coatings
Agiltron Corporation
Mary Anne Davoli,
$69,984.50 MA Exploration Systems KSC 2004
S4.05-9355 (SBIR 2004-1)
An Instrument for Detecting Protein Expression Under Radiation and Microgravity
Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.
Gerald Entine,
$70,000.00 MA N/A ARC 2004
E1.04-8518 (SBIR 2004-1)
Miniaturized MMIC-Based Millimeter-Wave Frequency Synthesizers for Space Applications
Hittite Microwave Corporation
Stephen Daly,
$69,994.39 MA N/A GSFC 2004
S1.04-9249 (SBIR 2004-1)
Real Time Control Software for Electromagnetic Formation Flight
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
Pamela Moriarty,
$69,953.31 MA N/A GSFC 2004
X2.02-7802 (SBIR 2004-1)
Wide Range Neutron Detector
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
Pamela Moriarty,
$69,944.42 MA Exploration Systems GRC 2004
X6.01-9632 (SBIR 2004-1)
High Burn Rate Hybrid Fuel for Improved Grain Design
Aerodyne Research, Inc.
Charles Kolb,
$69,998.94 MA Exploration Systems MSFC 2004
X2.03-9461 (SBIR 2004-1)
Highly Efficient Fiber Lasers for Wireless Power Transmission
Physical Sciences, Inc.
George Caledonia,
$69,974.00 MA Exploration Systems MSFC 2004
E1.06-9371 (SBIR 2004-1)
Quantum Cascade Laser-Based Local Oscillator for Terahertz Astronomy (7275-070)
Physical Sciences, Inc.
B. David Green,
$69,994.00 MA N/A JPL 2004
X8.01-7768 (SBIR 2004-1)
Service Oriented Spacecraft Modeling Environment
I-Logix Inc.
Stephen Di Camillo,
$61,529.00 MA Exploration Systems JPL 2004
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