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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
T3.02-9700 (STTR 2005-1)
Non-ambipolar Electron Source
Phoenix Nuclear Labs
Gregory Piefer,
$100,000.00 WI Small Business Technology Transfer GRC 2005
X12.07-9723 (SBIR 2005-1)
Dense Medium Plasma Water Purification Reactor (DMP WaPR)
Orbital Technologies Corporation
Thomas Crabb,
$70,000.00 WI Exploration Systems MSFC 2005
X10.05-9714 (SBIR 2005-1)
A Computational Tool for the Prediction of Long Term Stability of Refractory Alloys
CompuTherm LLC
Y. Austin Chang,
$69,955.42 WI Exploration Systems GRC 2005
S5.01-9321 (SBIR 2005-1)
High Performance Methane Thrust Chamber (HPMTC)
Orbital Technologies Corporation
Lori Koffarnus,
$70,000.00 WI Science JSC 2005
Displaying 1-4 of 4