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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
08.06-7528 (SBIR 1990-1)
High Efficiency Frequency Doubler
Solidlite Corp
Larry Deshazer,
$42,098.00 WA N/A LaRC 1990
02.06-3304 (SBIR 1990-1)
Zonal Method For Modeling Powered-Lift Aircraft Flow Fields
Amtec Engineering Inc
Donald Roberts,
$50,000.00 WA N/A ARC 1990
02.04-3304 (SBIR 1990-1)
Hypersonic Analysis For Vehicles In The Continuum Transition Regime
Amtec Engineering Inc
Donald Roberts,
$49,925.00 WA N/A MSFC 1990
05.06-0815O (SBIR 1990-1)
Close-Up Fiber Optic Remote Viewing System For Robotic And Teleoperated Systems
Engineering Design & Systems
Dan Swannack,
$49,962.00 WA N/A JPL 1990
08.11-4000A (SBIR 1990-1)
High Efficiency, Low Vibration, Long Life, Pulse Tube Spacecraft Cryocooler Employing Flexural Bearings
Stirling Technology Co
A. (Ben) Bennett,
$49,735.00 WA N/A ARC 1990
02.01-9500 (SBIR 1990-1)
New Subgrid Model For Large-Eddy Simulations Of Mixing And Chemical Reaction In Turbulent Flows
Quest Integrated, LLC
Diana Suzuki,
$49,941.00 WA N/A ARC 1990
10.08-7831 (SBIR 1990-1)
Solid State Micromachined Pump For Space Power System Thermal Management
Research International Inc
Joyce Brien,
$49,950.00 WA N/A GRC 1990
07.04-8707 (SBIR 1990-1)
An Integrated GIS and Statistical Data Analysis System
Mathsoft Inc
R. Douglas Martin,
$50,000.00 WA N/A SSC 1990
01.01-9500 (SBIR 1990-1)
New Unsteady Mixing Model To Predict Nox Production During Rapid Mixing In A Dual-Stage Combustor
Quest Integrated, LLC
Diana Suzuki,
$49,972.00 WA N/A GRC 1990
06.01-3304 (SBIR 1990-1)
3D Postprocessing For Computational Fluid Dynamics
Amtec Engineering Inc
Kelton Peery,
$50,000.00 WA N/A LaRC 1990
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