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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
T9.01-9983 (STTR 2015-1)
Configurable, Multi-Beam, Doppler Ladar Based Precision Landing Sensor
Fibertek, Inc.
Tracy Perinis,
$124,924.00 VA Small Business Technology Transfer LaRC 2015
S20.01-9064 (SBIR Select 2015-1)
PolyStrata Greenhouse GasRadiometer for Small Satellite Applications
Nuvotronics, Inc
Scott Meller,
$124,994.00 VA Science GSFC 2015
S1.01-9914 (SBIR 2015-1)
Novel Solid State Lasers for Space-Based Water Vapor DIAL
Fibertek, Inc.
Tracy Perinis,
$124,753.00 VA Science LaRC 2015
S1.02-9911 (SBIR 2015-1)
Frequency Multipliers for 200-400GHz
Virginia Diodes, Inc.
Thomas Crowe,
$124,913.00 VA Science JPL 2015
S5.04-9895 (SBIR 2015-1)
Application of SystemVerilog to Science Mission Simulation
SynaptiCAD Sales, Inc.
Donna Mitchell,
$124,321.00 VA Science JPL 2015
S4.01-9888 (SBIR 2015-1)
Terminal Descent Lidar System
Coherent Applications, Inc.
Diego Pierrottet,
$124,941.00 VA Science JPL 2015
S1.03-9811 (SBIR 2015-1)
Spaceflight 2 um Tm Fiber MOPA Amplifier
Fibertek, Inc.
Tracy Perinis,
$124,944.00 VA Science JPL 2015
S1.01-9810 (SBIR 2015-1)
3D Imaging Cubesat Lidar for Asteroid and Planetary Sciences
Fibertek, Inc.
Tracy Perinis,
$122,910.00 VA Science LaRC 2015
H5.03-9735 (SBIR 2015-1)
Metamaterials-Inspired Aerospace Structures (MIAS)
Concepts to Systems, Inc.
Lena Lee,
$124,825.00 VA Human Exploration and Operations LaRC 2015
S3.03-9258 (SBIR 2015-1)
Rad-hard 1200 V SiC MOSFETs and Schottky Rectifiers for a 30 kW PPU
GeneSiC Semiconductor, Inc.
Ranbir Singh,
$125,000.00 VA Science GRC 2015
Displaying 1-10 of 49