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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
E1.03-8410 (SBIR 2002-1)
Microwave Rain Gauge
Center for Remote Sensing Inc
Suman Ganguly,
$69,658.19 VA N/A GSFC 2002
A6.02-8081 (SBIR 2002-1)
A Novel One-Step Synthesis of BN Nanotubes for Structural Components
Materials Modification, Inc.
T Sudarshan,
$70,000.00 VA N/A GRC 2002
E2.05-7736 (SBIR 2002-1)
Pulsed Plasma Thruster Piezo-Igniter for Small Satellite
Alfredo Carazo,
$69,148.13 VA N/A GRC 2002
A7.03-9648 (SBIR 2002-1)
Real-time Aeroelastic Measurement System (RAMS) for in-Flight Flutter Testing
Tao of Systems Integration, Inc.
Siva Mangalam,
$69,800.70 VA N/A AFRC 2002
A3.02-8938 (SBIR 2002-1)
NAS-Wide Environmental Modeling of Alternative Airspace Concepts
Metron Aviation Inc.
Joseph McDermott,
$69,998.00 VA N/A ARC 2002
A3.01-8246 (SBIR 2002-1)
SATS Virtual Market Place Facilitating Traffic Flow Management
Metron Aviation Inc.
Joseph McDermott,
$69,935.72 VA N/A LaRC 2002
A8.01-9327 (SBIR 2002-1)
Commercial Framework for Bi-Level Integrated System Synthesis
Phoenix Integration
Brett Malone,
$69,615.19 VA N/A LaRC 2002
A7.01-9537 (SBIR 2002-1)
Active Skin for Turbulent Drag Reduction
Aeroprobe Corporation
M Zeiger,
$69,677.37 VA N/A LaRC 2002
B3.01-8478 (SBIR 2002-1)
Advanced Microbial Monitoring System for Space Flight Applications
Luna Innovations, Inc.
Garnett Linkous,
$69,983.00 VA N/A MSFC 2002
H6.02-8697 (SBIR 2002-1)
Remote On-demand Networked Distributed Operations (RONDO)
Jeffrey Fox,
$69,994.00 VA N/A JSC 2002
Displaying 1-10 of 29