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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
06.09-7093 (SBIR 1998-1)
Unified Process Management System for Computational Fluid Dynamics
Analytical Services & Materials, Inc.
Jalaiah Unnam,
$70,000.00 VA N/A LaRC 1998
24.01-1215 (SBIR 1998-1)
Reinforcement Learning Approaches for Automated Intelligence Gathering
Barron Associates, Inc.
Roger Barron,
$70,000.00 VA N/A ARC 1998
06.05-0818 (SBIR 1998-1)
High-Lift Transition Prediction Module
High Technology Corp
Mujeeb Malik,
$69,300.00 VA N/A LaRC 1998
07.02-5040 (SBIR 1998-1)
Real Time Shock Location Sensor
Tao of Systems Integration, Inc.
Siva Mangalam,
$70,000.00 VA N/A AFRC 1998
06.10-6420 (SBIR 1998-1)
Parallel Neural Network Computational Tools for Aero-Structural System Analysis and Design
Advanced Mechanics Technology Ltd
K. Mei Shieh,
$70,000.00 VA N/A ARC 1998
01.02-9780B (SBIR 1998-1)
Low-cost Aircraft Identification and Surveillance System
Rannoch Corp
Alex Smith,
$69,450.00 VA N/A LaRC 1998
13.02-0666 (SBIR 1998-1)
Proposal for a Spectral Image Fusion (SPIF) and Registration System for Hyperspectral and Thermal Data Cubes.
Tri-Space Inc
James Berman,
$69,961.00 VA N/A SSC 1998
13.09-4994 (SBIR 1998-1)
GaAs Planar Varactor Multipliers for Radiometer Applications
Virginia Millimeter Wave Inc.
Philip Koh,
$69,612.00 VA N/A GSFC 1998
19.06-4274 (SBIR 1998-1)
Novel Techniques for Multifunctional Structures
Luna Innovations, Inc.
Garnett Linkous,
$69,970.00 VA N/A LaRC 1998
28.01-6941 (SBIR 1998-1)
New Analytical Technique for Astrobiology
Biotraces Inc
E. James Wadiak,
$69,815.00 VA N/A ARC 1998
Displaying 1-10 of 23