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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
04.06-7093 (SBIR 1996-1)
Lightweight Carbon-Carbon Spacecraft Radiator With Flexible Heat Pipes
Analytical Services & Materials, Inc.
Jalaiah Unnam,
$70,000.00 VA N/A LaRC 1996
13.07-7671 (SBIR 1996-1)
Lidar Systems For Atmospheric Measurements
Fibertek, Inc.
Ralph Burnham,
$69,997.00 VA N/A GSFC 1996
16.11-0655 (SBIR 1996-1)
Growth Of Ilmenite Crystals And Thin Films For Radiation-Resistant Solar Cells
American Research Corp of Virginia
Russell Churchill,
$70,000.00 VA N/A JSC 1996
04.03-1215 (SBIR 1996-1)
Saturable Self-Sensing Magnetic Bearings
Barron Associates, Inc.
Roger Barron,
$69,994.00 VA N/A GSFC 1996
15.01-4019 (SBIR 1996-1)
A Source Of Gas Phase B And Al Atoms For Cryogenic Trapping In Solid Molecular Hydrogen Propellants
Hy-Tech Research Corp
Robert Hazelton,
$69,501.00 VA N/A ARC 1996
01.05-0818 (SBIR 1996-1)
A Novel Computational Tool For Hypersonic Transition Prediction
High Technology Corp
Mujeeb Malik,
$67,032.00 VA N/A LaRC 1996
02.01-8086 (SBIR 1996-1)
Low Cost Flight Data Recorder For General Aviation Aircraft
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
Pamela Moriarty,
$69,772.00 VA N/A LaRC 1996
01.04-4434 (SBIR 1996-1)
On-Line Identification Of Unsteady Viscous Effects For Flow Modeling And Control
Tao of Systems Integration, Inc.
Siva Mangalam,
$70,000.00 VA N/A LaRC 1996
02.01-4151B (SBIR 1996-1)
Advanced High-Lift Systems To Enhance Performance And Utility Of Existing And New Ga Aircraft
Innovative Aerodynamic Technologies
Sally Viken,
$69,626.00 VA N/A LaRC 1996
01.04-1456 (SBIR 1996-1)
Seven-Sensor Probes For Dusty And/Or Compressible Flows
Aeroprobe Corporation
Demetri Telionis,
$68,130.00 VA N/A LaRC 1996
Displaying 1-10 of 30