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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
08.03-7671B (SBIR 1994-1)
Eye-Safe Measurement Of The Wind Field/Shear In The Lower Atmosphere Using The Edge Detection Technique
Fibertek, Inc.
Horacio Verdun,
$70,000.00 VA N/A GSFC 1994
02.01-0818B (SBIR 1994-1)
Active Control/Alleviation Of Trailing (Streamwise) Vortices
High Technology Corp
Mujeeb Malik,
$68,321.00 VA N/A LaRC 1994
01.04-3633 (SBIR 1994-1)
Single Lever Power Control For General Aviation And Unmanned Aircraft
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
Charles Preston,
$69,925.00 VA N/A GRC 1994
02.07-4973 (SBIR 1994-1)
Reduction Of Turbulence-Induced Noise In Aircraft Cabins
Signal Separation Technologies
Felix Rosenthal,
$70,000.00 VA N/A LaRC 1994
10.03-5000 (SBIR 1994-1)
A Flywheel Energy Storage Motor/Generator
VPT Inc.
Daniel Sable,
$69,997.00 VA N/A MSFC 1994
02.06-9431 (SBIR 1994-1)
Error Reduction For Pressure-Sensitive Paint Applications
Applied Sciences Inc
G. Gasperas,
$67,029.00 VA N/A ARC 1994
07.05-3500 (SBIR 1994-1)
Integrated Visualization And Virtual Reality Tool
Dual Inc
Patti Price,
$70,000.00 VA N/A GSFC 1994
11.03-6125 (SBIR 1994-1)
An Unstructured Gasp Flow Solver For Use In The Design Of Liquid And Solid Rocket Engines
Areosoft Inc
Teresa Walters,
$69,498.00 VA N/A MSFC 1994
11.04-6125 (SBIR 1994-1)
An Efficient, Unstructured Flow Solver For Space-Physics Applications
Areosoft Inc
Teresa Walters,
$69,661.00 VA N/A ARC 1994
03.05-7556 (SBIR 1994-1)
Metal-Coated Optical Fiber-Based Temperature And Pressure Sensors For Aerospace And Dual-Use Applications
Fiber & Sensor Technologies Inc
Kent Murphy,
$69,142.00 VA N/A LaRC 1994
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