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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
08.04-0800B (SBIR 1993-1)
Active Rain-Radar Calibrator for Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
Center for Remote Sensing Inc
Suman Ganguly,
$70,000.00 VA N/A GSFC 1993
06.10-0655 (SBIR 1993-1)
Icon-Based Software Component Access Using a Structural Model Based on Partially Ordered Sets
American Research Corp of Virginia
Anne Churchill,
$70,000.00 VA N/A GSFC 1993
02.11-1400 (SBIR 1993-1)
Vortex Flap Improvements for Enhanced Low-Speed Aerodynamics of Supersonic-Cruise Aircraft
Vigyan, Inc.
Paresh Parikh,
$69,731.00 VA N/A ARC 1993
02.07-0818 (SBIR 1993-1)
Active Suppression of Resonance Interactions between Shear-Layers and Cavities
High Technology Corp
Mujeeb Malik,
$67,805.00 VA N/A ARC 1993
02.10-0818 (SBIR 1993-1)
Supersonic Jet-Noise Prediction and Control
High Technology Corp
Mujeeb Malik,
$68,458.00 VA N/A GRC 1993
08.10-3633 (SBIR 1993-1)
Isentropic Flight Guidance System for Unmanned Air Vehicles
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
John Langford,
$69,385.00 VA N/A ARC 1993
02.12-7324 (SBIR 1993-1)
A User-Friendly Expert System for Airfoil Design and Boundary-Layer Stability Analysis
Innovative Aerodynamic Technologies
Jeffrey Viken,
$70,000.00 VA N/A LaRC 1993
13.13-8976 (SBIR 1993-1)
Expert System to Generate Job Standards
Omni Engineering & Technology Inc
Neal Schmeidler,
$69,560.00 VA N/A KSC 1993
02.07-3400 (SBIR 1993-1)
Array Design for Ames Wind Tunnel Acoustic Measurements
Planning Systems Incorporated
Alan Friedman,
$64,168.00 VA N/A ARC 1993
08.11-8902 (SBIR 1993-1)
Network of Wideband Digital Receivers for Global Storm Identification
Resolution Displays Inc
J. Stanley Kriz,
$70,000.00 VA N/A GSFC 1993
Displaying 1-10 of 35