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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S3.03-3762 (SBIR 2019-1)
High Density Bi-Directional Modular Power Converter with Additive Manufactured Magnetics
SET Group, LLC
Raul Alvarado,
$124,848.00 PA Science GRC 2019
S3.04-4200 (SBIR 2019-1)
Ultra Low SWaP Relative Navigation
Astrobotic Technology, Inc.
Jeffrey Apeldoorn,
$123,074.00 PA Science GSFC 2019
A1.03-3403 (SBIR 2019-1)
An Enhanced Software Toolkit for OpenNCC to Reduce NOx in Commercial Supersonic Transport Combustors
Combustion Research and Flow Technology
Brian York,
$124,999.00 PA Aeronautics Research GRC 2019
Z9.01-3916 (SBIR 2019-1)
Rapid Fabrication of CMCs with Aligned Discontinuous Reinforcement via Reactive Melt Infiltration
Materials Research and Design, Inc.
Gary Tiscia,
$124,871.00 PA Space Technology MSFC 2019
A1.09-4472 (SBIR 2019-1)
Hiawatha OnBoard Electronic Sensing
Nokomis, Inc.
Eli Polovina,
$117,100.00 PA Aeronautics Research GRC 2019
S5.02-3514 (SBIR 2019-1)
Advancing Hyperspectral Data Cube Query Capabilities through Apache Spark DataFrame Abstraction
Azavea, Inc.
Robert Cheetham,
$125,000.00 PA Science JPL 2019
A2.02-3901 (SBIR 2019-1)
Long Term Autonomy for Aerial Urban Mobility
Near Earth Autonomy, Inc.
Marcel Bergerman,
$124,676.00 PA Aeronautics Research LaRC 2019
S1.01-4160 (SBIR 2019-1)
Compact Multi-Watt 2 to 2.13um Holmium Doped Fiber Laser Transmitter for Space
Cybel, LLC
Jean-Marc Delavaux,
$125,000.00 PA Science LaRC 2019
A1.04-4350 (SBIR 2019-1)
Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing of Silicon Carbide Heat Exchangers
The ExOne Company
Jesse Blacker,
$124,947.00 PA Aeronautics Research GRC 2019
Z7.03-4421 (SBIR 2019-1)
Novel Diagnostic Tools for Production of WTPS
Bally Ribbon Mills
Bert Harries,
$113,207.00 PA Space Technology ARC 2019
Displaying 1-10 of 35