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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S2.04-1032 (SBIR 2018-1)
Robust FARADAYIC CNT Based Coating for Scattered Light Suppression
Faraday Technology, Inc.
E. Jennings Taylor,
$124,994.00 OH Science GSFC 2018
S3.03-1178 (SBIR 2018-1)
Autonomous Modular Digital Controllers for Long Duration Space Flights
AK Circuit Corporation
Frank Li,
$108,125.00 OH Science GRC 2018
H9.05-2403 (SBIR 2018-1)
Field Programmable Short Wave Infrared Photodetectors
SK Infrared, LLC
Earl Fuller,
$124,999.00 OH Human Exploration and Operations GRC 2018
A1.04-3313 (SBIR 2018-1)
Novel Methodology for the Rapid Acoustic Optimization of Supersonic Multi-Stream 3D Nozzles
Spectral Energies, LLC
Sukesh Roy,
$124,332.00 OH Aeronautics Research GRC 2018
Z3.01-3442 (SBIR 2018-1)
In-Situ Fringe Pattern Profilometry for Feed-Forward Process Control
Universal Technology Corporaration
Angie Haas,
$124,990.00 OH Space Technology LaRC 2018
A1.07-6923 (SBIR 2018-1)
Advanced Rotor Coils for Conduction Cooled Superconducting Multi-Megawatt Motors for Aircraft Propulsion
Hyper Tech Research, Inc.
Sherrie Cantu,
$124,994.00 OH Aeronautics Research GRC 2018
H5.02-7902 (SBIR 2018-1)
C/C Manufacturing with MG Resin and 3D Preforms
Cornerstone Research Group, Inc.
Chrysa Theodore,
$124,993.00 OH Human Exploration and Operations LaRC 2018
H7.02-7912 (SBIR 2018-1)
Automated In-Process Quality Control of Recycled Filament Production and FDM Printers
Cornerstone Research Group, Inc.
Chrysa Theodore,
$124,990.00 OH Human Exploration and Operations MSFC 2018
S4.04-8133 (SBIR 2018-1)
High Temperature, High Energy Density and High Efficiency Capacitors for Aerospace Exploration
Powdermet, Inc.
Andrew Sherman,
$123,702.00 OH Science JPL 2018
T12.02-8852 (STTR 2018-1)
Extensible Modeling to Create Knowledgebase for AM Processing of Alloy GrCop-84
Applied Optimization, Inc.
Mark Zimmerman,
$124,995.00 OH Small Business Technology Transfer LaRC 2018
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