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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
T1.02-9719 (STTR 2005-1)
Assessment of Protective Properties of Optimized Flagellin Derivative Against Biologically Harmful Effects of Ionizing Irradiation During Space Flight
Cleveland BioLabs Inc.
Jack Marhofer,
$99,589.00 OH Small Business Technology Transfer ARC 2005
X9.02-7764 (SBIR 2005-2)
Long-Life, Oil-Free, Light-Weight, Multi-Roller Traction Drives for Planetary Vehicle Surface Exploration
Nastec Inc.
Richard Klein,
$599,885.00 OH Exploration Systems GRC 2005
X3.01-9845 (SBIR 2005-1)
High Specific Power Multiple-Cylinder Free-Piston Alpha Stirling
Sunpower Inc.
Faith Knutsen,
$69,337.94 OH Exploration Systems GRC 2005
S2.04-9840 (SBIR 2005-1)
Thermo-Acoustic Convertor for Space Power
Sunpower Inc.
Faith Knutsen,
$69,735.47 OH Science GRC 2005
A2.01-9658 (SBIR 2005-1)
Optimizing Noise Attenuation in Aircraft Exhaust Ducts Employing Passive and Active Absorbing Splitters and Struts
KJB Consultants
Kenneth Baumeister,
$69,584.11 OH Aeronautics Research GRC 2005
S4.03-9359 (SBIR 2005-1)
4 Kelvin Cooling with Innovative Final Stage of Multistage Cryocooler
Sunpower Inc.
Faith Knutsen,
$69,952.61 OH Science GSFC 2005
X5.01-8747 (SBIR 2005-1)
Model-Based Specification Checker for Multi-Domain Systems (SpecCheck)
EDAptive Computing Inc
Praveen Chawla,
$69,981.00 OH Exploration Systems ARC 2005
X2.02-8577 (SBIR 2005-1)
Photochemical Cyclopolymerization of Polyimides in Ultraviolet Ridgidizing Composites for Use in Inflatable Structures
Advanced Coatings International
Steven Johnson,
$69,429.00 OH Exploration Systems LaRC 2005
A2.03-8565 (SBIR 2005-1)
Fiber Optic Sensors for Leak Detection and Condition Monitoring in Hydrogen Fuel Systems
Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc.
Philip Swinehart,
$69,875.59 OH Aeronautics Research GRC 2005
X2.02-7984 (SBIR 2005-1)
Ultra-Lightweight Self-Deployable SMP Nanocomposite Sandwich for Habitat Applications
Wright Materials Research Co.
Seng Tan,
$70,000.00 OH Exploration Systems JSC 2005
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