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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
F3.06-7403 (SBIR 2003-1)
Fiber Optic Sensor System for Cryogenic Fuel Measurement
Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc.
Philip Swinehart,
$69,972.00 OH N/A GRC 2003
A1.02-8805 (SBIR 2003-1)
In-Service Aircraft Transmission Life Modeling for Improved Flight Safety
Nastec Inc.
Richard Klein,
$69,522.18 OH N/A GRC 2003
B3.06-8344 (SBIR 2003-1)
New class of Biological Radioprotectors
Cleveland BioLabs Inc.
Yakov Kogan,
$69,924.50 OH N/A LaRC 2003
A1.01-8753 (SBIR 2003-1)
Design and Preliminary Evaluation of the r-Gamma Display Concept
NTI Inc.
Beth Barker,
$69,386.64 OH N/A LaRC 2003
S1.03-8271 (SBIR 2003-1)
Multifunctional Metal/Polymer Composite Fiber for Space Applications
Syscom Technology Inc.
Jar-Wha Lee,
$69,985.00 OH N/A LaRC 2003
A3.01-9514 (SBIR 2003-1)
Airport Surface Management Tools for NAS Users
Cognitive Systems Engineering Inc.
Amy Spencer,
$69,645.45 OH N/A ARC 2003
F3.06-8948 (SBIR 2003-1)
High Toughness Light Weight Pressure Vessel
N&R Engineering
Vinod Nagpal,
$69,596.00 OH N/A MSFC 2003
A4.02-9862 (SBIR 2003-1)
Low-Cost Composite Technology for Large Rocket Payload Fairings
Michael Sheppard,
$69,729.00 OH N/A MSFC 2003
A2.02-9178 (SBIR 2003-1)
Magnesium Diboride Superconducting Coils for Electric Propulsion Systems for Large Aircraft
Hyper Tech Research, Inc.
Michael Tomsic,
$70,000.00 OH N/A GRC 2003
F1.01-8420 (SBIR 2003-1)
Moisture-Resistant TPS Materials
Powdermet, Inc.
Andrew Sherman,
$69,999.17 OH N/A KSC 2003
Displaying 1-10 of 19