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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
10.10-2020 (SBIR 1997-1)
Carbon Nanotubes for High Capacity Fuel Storage Systems
Space Exploration Assoc Inc
Max Lake,
$69,680.00 OH N/A JSC 1997
10.03-5075 (SBIR 1997-1)
Novel RF Coils for MRI/MRS of the Human Bone and Muscle
Advanced Imaging Research Inc
Ravi Srinivasan,
$70,000.00 OH N/A JSC 1997
06.06-1049 (SBIR 1997-1)
Space-Time Conservation Element Solution Element Method for Pulse Detonation Engine
AYT Corporation
Ayo Oyediran,
$69,783.00 OH N/A GRC 1997
05.01-1700A (SBIR 1997-1)
Pilot Voice Recognition for GA Aircraft
Advanced Creations Inc
Raymond Wabler,
$70,000.00 OH N/A LaRC 1997
19.02-1000A (SBIR 1997-1)
Passive Hydrogen-Oxygen Regenerative Fuel Cell Battery
Technology Management Inc
Michael Petrik,
$70,000.00 OH N/A GRC 1997
20.03-0883 (SBIR 1997-1)
Low-Cost Surface Enhancement Method for Improved Fatigue Lifeof Superalloys at Engine Temperatures
Lambda Research
Paul Prevey,
$68,355.00 OH N/A GRC 1997
04.02-4447 (SBIR 1997-1)
Diversitech Inc
James Askew,
$68,422.00 OH N/A GRC 1997
10.03-1358 (SBIR 1997-1)
A Functional Visual Assessment Test For Human Health Maintenance And Countermeasures
Nascent Technologies Limited
Gary Riccio,
$69,150.00 OH N/A JSC 1997
10.01-6606 (SBIR 1997-1)
Oxygen Generation System Using Carbon Dioxide
NexTech Materials, Ltd.
William Dawson,
$69,388.00 OH N/A JSC 1997
01.06-9077 (SBIR 1997-1)
Mixed-Compression Inlet for Supersonic Cruise with High Performance and Operability
TechLand Research Inc.
Bobby Sanders,
$69,948.00 OH N/A GRC 1997
Displaying 1-10 of 20