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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S1.04-3652 (SBIR 2019-1)
Two-Dimensional Cryogenic Readout for Far IR Bolometers
SeeQC, Inc.
John Levy,
$124,919.00 NY Science GSFC 2019
S1.05-3706 (SBIR 2019-1)
Ultraviolet and Solar Blind Single Photon Diode Arrays
LightSpin Technologies, Inc.
Jared Bowling,
$124,974.00 NY Science GSFC 2019
S2.04-3272 (SBIR 2019-1)
Advanced Nanometer Coordinate Measuring Machine
OptiPro Systems, LLC
Matthew Carlson,
$124,985.00 NY Science GSFC 2019
A1.07-3714 (SBIR 2019-1)
A Multiscale Model for Material Systems with Hierarchical Microstructure using Generalized Method of Cells (GMC)
Additive Manufacturing Innovations, LLC
Ajit Achuthan,
$124,823.00 NY Aeronautics Research GRC 2019
T8.04-3019 (STTR 2019-1)
Hierarchical Metasurface Optics for Multiplexed Visible to Terahertz Cross-Band Systems
Rochester Precision Optics
Stephanie McCaig,
$124,287.00 NY Small Business Technology Transfer JPL 2019
H6.04-3666 (SBIR 2019-1)
SWISSML - Improving Model Interoperability and Expressive Power
XSB, Inc.
Daria Mathew,
$124,913.00 NY Human Exploration and Operations ARC 2019
S3.04-3753 (SBIR 2019-1)
Error-Frame Representation for Spacecraft Visual Relative Navigation
XAnalytix Systems
Pamela Crassidis,
$124,795.00 NY Science GSFC 2019
H4.04-3430 (SBIR 2019-1)
Surface Space Suit Boot
Final Frontier Design
Theodore Southern,
$124,890.00 NY Human Exploration and Operations JSC 2019
S2.03-3687 (SBIR 2019-1)
Mitigation of Mid-Spatial Frequency Errors
Optimax Systems, Inc.
Thomas Starin,
$124,569.00 NY Science GSFC 2019
S2.04-3275 (SBIR 2019-1)
Chromatic Interferometric Probe
OptiPro Systems, LLC
James Munro,
$124,631.00 NY Science GSFC 2019
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