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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S3.06-9597 (SBIR 2010-1)
Magnetic Bearings for Small Satellite CMG's and Other Miniature Spacecraft Mechanisms
Honeybee Robotics, Ltd.
Chris Chapman,
$98,814.00 NY Science GSFC 2010
S5.02-9592 (SBIR 2010-1)
5 in 1 Drill For Mars Sample Return Mission
Honeybee Robotics, Ltd.
Chris Chapman,
$99,092.00 NY Science JPL 2010
S1.11-9590 (SBIR 2010-1)
Pneumatic Proboscis Heat Flow Probe
Honeybee Robotics, Ltd.
Chris Chapman,
$99,966.00 NY Science MSFC 2010
X12.04-8499 (SBIR 2010-1)
High Energy Density Lithium Air Batteries for Oxygen Concentrators
Bettergy Corporation
Lin-Feng Li,
$99,970.00 NY Exploration Systems GRC 2010
S1.03-8774 (SBIR 2010-1)
Low-power Broadband Digitizer for Millimeter-Wave Sensor Array Readout
Paul Donofrio,
$99,964.00 NY Science GSFC 2010
A2.07-9215 (SBIR 2010-1)
Aero-Effected Distributed Adaptive Control of Flexible Aircraft Using Active Bleed
Atair Aerospace Inc
Rick Zaccari,
$99,961.00 NY Aeronautics Research ARC 2010
X4.01-9498 (SBIR 2010-1)
Space Suit Glove Pressure Garment Metacarpal Joint and Robotic Hand Analysis
Final Frontier Design
Ted Southern,
$99,999.00 NY Exploration Systems JSC 2010
X9.01-8155 (SBIR 2010-1)
In Situ Diagnostic Sensors for Thermal Protection Systems
MesoScribe Technologies, Inc.
Jeffrey Brogan,
$100,000.00 NY Exploration Systems ARC 2010
S6.04-9019 (SBIR 2010-1)
Scalable ParaView for Extreme Scale Visualization
Kitware, Inc.
William Schroeder,
$99,693.00 NY Science GSFC 2010
X5.03-9227 (SBIR 2010-1)
Microwave Processed Multifunctional Polymer Matrix Composites
Ceralink Inc.
Patricia Strickland,
$99,984.00 NY Exploration Systems MSFC 2010
Displaying 1-10 of 20