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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
B3.05-9207 (SBIR 2001-1)
Gyroscopic Resistive Exercise Technology
Peter Hamady,
$70,000.00 NY N/A JSC 2001
E3.05-8691 (SBIR 2001-1)
Rich Media Engine for Collaborative Workspaces
Cesar Bandera,
$69,991.00 NY N/A GSFC 2001
E3.03-8331 (SBIR 2001-1)
Static Analysis for Automatic Differentiation
GrammaTech, Inc.
Ray (Tim) Teitelbaum,
$69,942.00 NY N/A ARC 2001
H3.02-9399 (SBIR 2001-1)
LOX Transfer Pump
Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc.
James Walton,
$69,603.70 NY N/A GRC 2001
B1.03-8981 (SBIR 2001-1)
Biomolecular Construction of Optical Nanostructures
Agave BioSystems Inc.
Noe Salazar,
$70,000.00 NY N/A JPL 2001
E3.02-8326 (SBIR 2001-1)
A Refactoring Environment for Incremental Migration of Legacy Code
GrammaTech, Inc.
Ray (Tim) Tietelbaum,
$69,897.00 NY N/A ARC 2001
E3.03-9210 (SBIR 2001-1)
Scalable Reversible Components and Networks for Quantum Computing
Ed Kulinski,
$69,785.00 NY N/A ARC 2001
A4.02-8293 (SBIR 2001-1)
NDE Inspection System for Detecting Flaws Under Terminal Barrier Coatings
Innovative Dynamics, Inc.
Kumar Seetharam,
$69,928.99 NY N/A GRC 2001
(STTR 2001-1)
Multifunctional Nanostructured/Microporous Materials
Bethpage Technologies Inc
$100,000.00 NY Small Business Technology Transfer LaRC 2001
(STTR 2001-1)
Coatings for Foil Seals/Foil Bearings for Gas Turbine Engines
Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc.
$99,407.00 NY Small Business Technology Transfer GRC 2001
Displaying 1-10 of 12