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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
06.04-3481 (SBIR 1998-1)
Rapid Prediction of Total Rotor Flows Including Stall and Body Effects Using Sparse Grid CFD Techniques
Flow Analysis Inc
Sharyn King,
$68,397.00 NY N/A ARC 1998
01.03-0533B (SBIR 1998-1)
Artificially Induced Hydrophobic System for Aircraft Anti-Icing
Innovative Dynamics, Inc.
Christina Lincoln,
$69,998.00 NY N/A GRC 1998
25.01-0227 (SBIR 1998-1)
Beltran Inc
$69,797.00 NY N/A JPL 1998
07.04-6100 (SBIR 1998-1)
A Millisecond Response Force Balance for Hypersonic Aero-propulsion Testing
Gasl Inc
John Erdos,
$69,939.00 NY N/A LaRC 1998
01.03-0200 (SBIR 1998-1)
Indoor Simulation of Mixed and Snow Icing Conditions
Cox & Co Inc
Dennis Phillips,
$70,000.00 NY N/A GRC 1998
09.05-6812 (SBIR 1998-1)
An In Vitro Edible Muscle Protein Production System
North Star Research Inc
M. Benjaminson,
$61,639.00 NY N/A JSC 1998
11.02-0091 (SBIR 1998-1)
A Portable Medical X-ray Imager For Teleradiology Applications
Sensor Plus Inc
Darold Wobschall,
$62,730.00 NY N/A JSC 1998
04.02-1971 (SBIR 1998-1)
Pulsed Inductive Plasma Source Development for Advanced Propulsion Systems
Applied Pulsed Power Inc
Steven Glidden,
$69,748.00 NY N/A MSFC 1998
19.04-4290A (SBIR 1998-1)
High Speed Touchdown Bearing
Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc.
James Walton,
$69,384.00 NY N/A GRC 1998
27.01-9555 (SBIR 1998-1)
Field Switchable Infrared Reflective Polarizer
Reveo Inc
Joe Durdock,
$69,962.00 NY N/A MSFC 1998
Displaying 1-10 of 18