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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
07.07-4091 (SBIR 1996-1)
Ultracapacitors Using Diamond-Like Nanocomposite Films
Advanced Refractory Technologies Inc
Keith Blakely,
$64,805.00 NY N/A GSFC 1996
01.04-0045 (SBIR 1996-1)
Computation Of Generation And Convection Of Aircraft Vortices
Flow Analysis Inc
Sharyn King,
$69,629.00 NY N/A LaRC 1996
15.05-6100 (SBIR 1996-1)
Recombination Catalysts For Hypersonic Fuels
Gasl Inc
John Erdos,
$68,881.00 NY N/A LaRC 1996
13.02-6114 (SBIR 1996-1)
New Materials For High Performance Sensors Operating Entire Ir Spectrum
Epitaxial Laboratory Inc
Jie Piao,
$70,000.00 NY N/A ARC 1996
05.01-0610 (SBIR 1996-1)
Two Degree-Of-Freedom Spherical Pointing Actuator
Amherst Systems Inc
Mark Kaczmarek,
$67,297.00 NY N/A JSC 1996
13.01-5250 (SBIR 1996-1)
Low Power X-Ray Diffraction Unit For Planetary Landers
X-Ray Optical Systems Inc
David Gibson,
$67,888.00 NY N/A JPL 1996
06.04-9555A (SBIR 1996-1)
Multi-Layer Optical Tape Technology Utilizing Cholestric Liquid Crystal Films
Reveo Inc
Sadeg Faris,
$69,937.00 NY N/A ARC 1996
13.08-5250 (SBIR 1996-1)
Hard X-Ray Polycapillary Optics To Provide A High-Efficiency Broad-Band Concentrator In The Spectral Range Of 10 Kev To 100 Kev
X-Ray Optical Systems Inc
David Gibson,
$69,717.00 NY N/A MSFC 1996
13.08-1722 (SBIR 1996-1)
Computer Hardware For Fast Stray Light Analysis
Raytech Systems
John Tourtellott,
$70,000.00 NY N/A JPL 1996
13.04-1190 (SBIR 1996-1)
Ultra-Low Noise Analog And Digital Squid Amplifiers
Elie Track,
$69,989.00 NY N/A JPL 1996
Displaying 1-10 of 19