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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
09.01-7640B (SBIR 1991-1)
Codeless, Global-Position-System, Attitude-Determination System
ITHACO Space Systems
Larry Burdge,
$50,000.00 NY N/A GSFC 1991
08.11-1190 (SBIR 1991-1)
Superconducting Thermal Detectors for High-Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy
Hollis Caswell,
$47,030.00 NY N/A GSFC 1991
06.01-7450 (SBIR 1991-1)
Autostereoscopic Three-Dimensional Display with Increased Resolution
Dimension Technologies, Inc.
Arnold Lagergren,
$49,972.00 NY N/A ARC 1991
07.08-5540 (SBIR 1991-1)
Optical Edge Sensors for Large-Aperture, Segmented Arrays
Quantametrics Inc
John Remo,
$50,000.00 NY N/A MSFC 1991
06.01-2006C (SBIR 1991-1)
Novel, Multi-Layer, Optical, Mass Storage
Reveo Inc
Sadeg Faris,
$42,871.00 NY N/A LaRC 1991
05.03-0661 (SBIR 1991-1)
Variable-Torque Clutch and/or Brake for On-Orbit Robotic and Other Mechanisms
Honeybee Robotics, Ltd.
Christopher Chapman,
$49,947.00 NY N/A GSFC 1991
07.06-7565 (SBIR 1991-1)
High-Density, Optical Data Storage in a Novel, Flexible Medium with Built-In Focussing Microspheres
Moltech Corp
Terje Skotheim,
$49,980.00 NY N/A JPL 1991
05.02-1377 (SBIR 1991-1)
Multiple Sensor Fusion for Object Detection and Position Finding
Integrated Sensors Inc
Ronald Gouse,
$49,972.00 NY N/A MSFC 1991
03.06-0533 (SBIR 1991-1)
Smart-Skin Technology for Vortex Flow Detection
Innovative Dynamics, Inc.
Joseph Gerardi,
$50,000.00 NY N/A ARC 1991
08.22-8827 (SBIR 1991-1)
High-Power, Single-Mode, Laser Diodes Operating at 1.047-1.064 Microns
Northeast Semiconductor Inc
Steven Duckett,
$50,000.00 NY N/A GSFC 1991
Displaying 1-10 of 17