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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
08.06-3409 (SBIR 1988-1)
Short-Wavelength, AlGaAs Diode Lasers
Northeast Semiconductor Inc
Gary Wicks,
$48,000.00 NY N/A GSFC 1988
14.01-0760B (SBIR 1988-1)
Hybrid Projection Coding for the CCSDS Standard
Interdigital Telecom Inc
Donald Schilling,
$49,990.00 NY N/A JSC 1988
03.05-0533 (SBIR 1988-1)
Experimental Investigation on the Detection of Transitioning Flowfields
Innovative Dynamics, Inc.
Joseph Gerardi,
$48,750.00 NY N/A ARC 1988
14.09-2550 (SBIR 1988-1)
High-Tc Films for Microwave Applications
CVC Products Inc
George Garfield,
$50,000.00 NY N/A JPL 1988
02.01-4456 (SBIR 1988-1)
Goodness-Of-Grid Measures
PRGM Development Corp of Scarsdale Inc
Peter Eiseman,
$50,000.00 NY N/A ARC 1988
11.04-4456 (SBIR 1988-1)
Computer Aided Grid Design
PRGM Development Corp of Scarsdale Inc
Peter Eiseman,
$50,000.00 NY N/A MSFC 1988
14.07-6901 (SBIR 1988-1)
Low-Temperature Electrolytes for Emergency Locator Transmitter
Wilson Greatbatch Limited
Curtis Holmes,
$46,978.00 NY N/A GSFC 1988
13.03-7800 (SBIR 1988-1)
Mesoscale, Statistical Thunderstorm Prediction System
John Zack,
$49,951.00 NY N/A KSC 1988
14.08-7111 (SBIR 1988-1)
Pulsed Solid-State Power Amplifiers for 30/20 GHz Satcom Terminal Uplink Transmitters
LNR Communications Inc
C Salamone,
$49,761.00 NY N/A GRC 1988
08.07-7067D (SBIR 1988-1)
SIS Detector for 100-Microns Using Thin Films of Bi-Ca-Sr-Cu-O Superconductors
Excel Technology Inc
Ramo Rao,
$49,929.00 NY N/A LaRC 1988
Displaying 1-10 of 18