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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
02.01-1322 (SBIR 1997-1)
Quantitative Combustion Diagnostics for Fuel Sulfur Oxidation in Jet Engine Combustors
Southwest Sciences, Inc.
Alan Stanton,
$70,000.00 NM N/A GRC 1997
08.01-8074 (SBIR 1997-1)
Prediction of Launch Vehicle Ignition Overpressure and Liftoff Acoustic Environments
Applied Research Assoc Inc
Peter Dzwilewski,
$68,087.00 NM N/A MSFC 1997
19.02-6744A (SBIR 1997-1)
Low-Cost, Partially Fluorinated Nanostructured Polymer for PEM Fuel Cells
TPL Inc.
William Hartman,
$69,994.00 NM N/A JSC 1997
08.02-1676 (SBIR 1997-1)
Design of a High-Efficiency Antiproton Degrader/Accumulator to Support Advanced Propulsion Research
Synergistic Technologies Inc
Steven Howe,
$69,530.00 NM N/A MSFC 1997
17.01-5179 (SBIR 1997-1)
Innovative, Low Mass, Passively Cooled, All Composite Material Tower Structure for High Resolution Charged-Particle Tracking in a Gamma-Ray Space Telescope
W. Miller,
$69,516.00 NM N/A GSFC 1997
19.02-6744 (SBIR 1997-1)
New Lithium-Conducting, Solid-Polymer Electrolytes Containing Nanosized Ion Channels
TPL Inc.
William Hartman,
$69,994.00 NM N/A GRC 1997
09.04-1322 (SBIR 1997-1)
Tunable UV Light Source for Quantitative Microgravity Combustion Diagnostics
Southwest Sciences, Inc.
Alan Stanton,
$70,000.00 NM N/A GRC 1997
08.02-0074 (SBIR 1997-1)
Rocket Thrust System for Reusable Launch Vehicle Powered by the QED IEF Power Plant
Michael Frese,
$69,891.00 NM N/A MSFC 1997
14.08-9186 (SBIR 1997-1)
Inflatable Spacecraft Using &quotRigidization On Command&quotTechnology
Active Noise & Vibration Technologies
Susan Switzer,
$69,951.00 NM N/A JPL 1997
06.07-8074 (SBIR 1997-1)
Reliability-Based Multi-Disciplinary Optimization of Large Multi-Component Systems Using Interdigitation
Applied Research Assoc Inc
$69,229.00 NM N/A LaRC 1997
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