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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
10.06-8259 (SBIR 2000-1)
A Desiccant Thermal and Humidity Control System
Andrew Lowenstein,
$69,052.00 NJ N/A JSC 2000
06.01-9252 (SBIR 2000-1)
Deployable Vortex Generators for on Demand Separation Control
Continuum Dynamics, Inc.
Barbara Agans,
$69,177.00 NJ N/A LaRC 2000
01.02-8998 (SBIR 2000-1)
Hybrid Electrostatic Nozzle for Crash Fire Reduction AntiMisting Fuels
Charged Injection Corp
Scott Kelly,
$69,898.00 NJ N/A GRC 2000
13.06-8893 (SBIR 2000-1)
Improved Nonlinear Mixing for High Average Power, Near-UV Generation
Maria Murray,
$69,883.00 NJ N/A LaRC 2000
19.04-7854 (SBIR 2000-1)
Use of Capillary Discharge Non Thermal Plasma for Sterilization of Material
PlasmaSol LLC
Richard Crowe,
$70,000.00 NJ N/A JPL 2000
22.02-8543 (SBIR 2000-1)
AgentCommand: A Control Center for Autonomous Distributed Satellite Systems
Princeton Satellite Systems
Michael Paluszek,
$68,771.00 NJ N/A GSFC 2000
21.03-8128 (SBIR 2000-1)
A High-Performance, Room Temperature Camera with 2.5 5m Response
Sensors Unlimited Inc.
Gregory Olsen,
$70,000.00 NJ N/A GSFC 2000
07.02-9723 (SBIR 2000-1)
Next Generation Adaptive Design Technology for Micro and Autonomous Rotorcraft
Continuum Dynamics, Inc.
Barbara Agans,
$69,766.00 NJ N/A ARC 2000
20.01-8844 (SBIR 2000-1)
Nanostructured MnO2-Based Cathodes for Li-Polymer Batteries
Diamond Materials, Inc.
Gary Tompa,
$69,892.00 NJ N/A JSC 2000
13.03-9401 (SBIR 2000-1)
Lightning Mapping Sensor
Princeton Scientific Instruments Inc.
John Lowrance,
$69,969.00 NJ N/A MSFC 2000
Displaying 1-10 of 18