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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
02.01-1515 (SBIR 1991-1)
Fuzzy Grid Methods For Computational Fluid Dynamics
Cambridge Hydrodynamics Inc
R. Karp,
$49,936.00 NJ N/A ARC 1991
02.07-9200 (SBIR 1991-1)
Power Generation Source for Electrothermal Wind Tunnel
Princeton Comb Res Labs Inc
Neale Messina,
$49,407.00 NJ N/A LaRC 1991
01.03-0900 (SBIR 1991-1)
Hexagonal-Silicon-Carbide Crystal Pressure Sensors for High-Temperature Applications
Kulite Semiconductor Products Inc
Anthony Kurtz,
$49,929.00 NJ N/A GRC 1991
12.02-3300 (SBIR 1991-1)
Microbial Evaluation in Space Station using New Hexoid Plates
Xechem Inc
Ramesh Pandey,
$49,680.00 NJ N/A JSC 1991
08.13-4661 (SBIR 1991-1)
Monolithic, InGaAs-FET Detector Array for Near-Infrared Imaging
Sensors Unlimited Inc.
Gregory Olsen,
$49,820.00 NJ N/A JPL 1991
08.17-1910A (SBIR 1991-1)
Ion-Beam Polishing of Single Crystals, Polycrystalline Solids, and Thin Films for Grazing Incidence Mirrors.
Maria Murray,
$49,933.00 NJ N/A GSFC 1991
04.16-0328 (SBIR 1991-1)
High-Resolution Automated Method for Locating, Identifying, and Measuring Surface Cracks of 0.001 to 5 mm
CNS Technology Inc
Ting Cui,
$50,000.00 NJ N/A JSC 1991
02.09-4986 (SBIR 1991-1)
Reduction of Supersonic Plume Noise Through the Controlled Introduction of Axial Vorticity
Advanced Projects Research Inc
Thomas Sobota,
$50,000.00 NJ N/A LaRC 1991
04.18-4334C (SBIR 1991-1)
Low Outgassing Marking Inks
Utility Development Corp
Harry Katz,
$43,338.00 NJ N/A GSFC 1991
01.04-7970 (SBIR 1991-1)
Advanced Photochemical Techniques for Relight and Combustion Enhancement of Supersonic Transport Aircraft Systems
Nira Lavid,
$50,000.00 NJ N/A GRC 1991
Displaying 1-10 of 15