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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S4.04-8127 (SBIR 2006-2)
Programmable Relaxor Open-Loop Mirrors Using Imaging Spatial Encoder (PROMISE)
Xinetics Inc.
Michael Sheedy,
Not Available Yet MA Science JPL 2006
T5.01-9795 (STTR 2006-1)
Lightweight Rubbery Aerogel Composites for High Performance Protection
Aspen Aerogels Inc.
Heather Crouse,
$99,982.00 MA Small Business Technology Transfer JSC 2006
S3.04-8981 (SBIR 2006-2)
Nano-Enabled Low-Cost High-Performance UV Anti-Reflection Coatings
Agiltron Corporation
Sharon Tan,
$599,963.00 MA Science MSFC 2006
S3.01-8544 (SBIR 2006-2)
Distributed Formation State Estimation Algorithms Under Resource and Multi-Tasking Constraints
Scientific Systems Company, Inc.
Raman Mehra,
$600,000.00 MA Science JPL 2006
T3.02-9753 (STTR 2006-1)
A Novel Portable Apparatus for Noninvasively Measuring Bone Density
Boston Applied Technologies, Inc.
Yingyin Zou,
$99,952.68 MA Small Business Technology Transfer GRC 2006
X4.02-9046 (SBIR 2006-2)
Multi-Use Solar Thermal System for Oxygen Production from Lunar Regolith [7227-570]
Physical Sciences, Inc.
B. David Green,
$599,141.00 MA Exploration Systems JSC 2006
S4.01-9547 (SBIR 2006-2)
High-Speed, Low-Power Digitizer II (2007037)
Hittite Microwave Corporation
Jo Chandler,
$599,994.10 MA Science JPL 2006
S6.04-9389 (SBIR 2006-2)
MMIC Cavity Oscillator at 50 and 94 GHz (2007040)
Hittite Microwave Corporation
Jo Chandler,
$599,934.00 MA Science GSFC 2006
S6.01-9374 (SBIR 2006-2)
A Gimbal-Stabilized Compact Hyperspectral Imaging System
Flight Landata Inc.
Brooks Patterson,
$599,388.00 MA Science GSFC 2006
T6.01-9985 (STTR 2006-1)
Combining Discrete Element Modeling, Finite Element Analysis, and Experimental Calibrations for Modeling of Granular Material Systems
Jenike & Johanson Inc.
Herman Purutyan,
$99,702.69 MA Small Business Technology Transfer KSC 2006
Displaying 1-10 of 44