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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
T8.01-9959 (STTR 2015-1)
Instrumentation For Multiple Radiation Detection Based On Novel Mercurous Halides For Nuclear Planetology
Brimrose Technology Corporation
Diane Murray,
$124,464.00 MD Small Business Technology Transfer JPL 2015
T6.01-9894 (STTR 2015-1)
Nanoengineered Hybrid Gas Sensors for Spacesuit Monitoring
N5 Sensors, Inc.
Nichole Sullivan,
$120,387.00 MD Small Business Technology Transfer JSC 2015
S20.01-9000 (SBIR Select 2015-1)
GNSS Reflectometer Instrument for Bi-static Synthetic Aperture Radar (GRIBSAR) Measurements of Earth Science Parameters
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
Mark James,
$125,000.00 MD Science GSFC 2015
S4.03-9756 (SBIR 2015-1)
High Performance Nozzle for Mars Ascent Vehicle
Arctic Slope Technical Services
David Dempsey,
$125,000.00 MD Science JPL 2015
A2.02-9727 (SBIR 2015-1)
A Modular Swarm Optimization Framework Enabling Multi-Vehicle Coordinated Path Planning
Heron Systems, Inc.
Brett Darcey,
$124,992.00 MD Aeronautics Research AFRC 2015
H11.01-9623 (SBIR 2015-1)
Novel Approach In Fabrication Of Shielding Composite Materials By Emerging Field Assisted Sintering Technique (FAST)
Brimrose Technology Corporation
Diane Murray,
$124,887.00 MD Human Exploration and Operations LaRC 2015
H9.03-9090 (SBIR 2015-1)
World-Class Visualizations in GMAT
Emergent Space Technologies, Inc.
Everett Cary,
$124,823.00 MD Human Exploration and Operations GSFC 2015
A3.01-9499 (SBIR 2015-1)
Networked ATM for Efficient Routing
Robust Analytics
Peter Kostiuk,
$123,688.00 MD Aeronautics Research ARC 2015
S4.01-9469 (SBIR 2015-1)
A Next Generation Imaging for Space Application
Sigma Space Corporation
Timothy Kirk,
$124,686.00 MD Science JPL 2015
S1.04-8822 (SBIR 2015-1)
Large Area Silicon Carbide Photodiode Active Pixel Sensor
CoolCAD Electronics, LLC
Neil Goldsman,
$125,000.00 MD Science GSFC 2015
Displaying 1-10 of 23