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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
A1.07-8798 (SBIR 2006-2)
Aircraft Electrical Power System Diagnostics and Health Management
Techno-Sciences Inc.
Amy Hizoune,
$599,999.94 MD Aeronautics Research GRC 2006
S3.04-9363 (SBIR 2006-2)
Beam Combination for Sparse Aperture Telescopes
Seabrook Engineering
David Mozurkewich,
$597,750.00 MD Science GSFC 2006
T4.01-9833 (STTR 2006-2)
Ultra Compact Cloud Physics Lidar for UAV Platforms
Sigma Space Corporation
J. Marcos Sirota,
$599,987.00 MD Small Business Technology Transfer GSFC 2006
A3.01-8855 (SBIR 2006-2)
ACES Model Composition and Development Toolkit to Support NGATS Concepts
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
Mark James,
$600,000.00 MD Aeronautics Research ARC 2006
X7.02-8690 (SBIR 2006-2)
An Integrated Human System Interaction (HSI) Framework for Human-Agent Team Collaboration
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
Mark James,
$600,000.00 MD Exploration Systems JSC 2006
A3.02-8286 (SBIR 2006-2)
Decision Support Tool and Simulation Testbed for Airborne Spacing and Merging in Super Dense Operations
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
Mark James,
$600,000.00 MD Aeronautics Research LaRC 2006
S4.05-9982 (SBIR 2006-2)
Software for Application of HHT Technologies to Time Series Analysis
Starodub Inc.
Nicolas Gagarin,
$319,946.00 MD Science GSFC 2006
O2.02-9970 (SBIR 2006-2)
Health-Enabled Smart Sensor Fusion Technology
Mobitrum Corporation
Ray Wang,
$599,994.00 MD Space Operations SSC 2006
X2.04-9336 (SBIR 2006-2)
Electronic Modeling and Design for Extreme Temperatures
CoolCAD Electronics, LLC
Neil Goldsman,
$564,327.00 MD Exploration Systems GSFC 2006
S4.02-9126 (SBIR 2006-2)
Monolithic Time Delay Integrated APD Arrays
Epitaxial Technologies LLC
Olaleye Aina,
$600,000.00 MD Science GSFC 2006
Displaying 1-10 of 31