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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
16.02-3155 (SBIR 1996-1)
Multipurpose, Multiaxial, Isokinetic Dynamometer
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
Leonard Haynes,
$69,909.00 MD N/A JSC 1996
05.04-3155A (SBIR 1996-1)
Fuzzy Logic Control Of Docking And Berthing Using Multiple Integrated Sensors
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
Leonard Haynes,
$69,567.00 MD N/A JSC 1996
14.02-3155 (SBIR 1996-1)
H-Infinity Robust Adaptive Controller For Reusable Launch Vehicle
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
Leonard Haynes,
$69,758.00 MD N/A MSFC 1996
12.03-9300 (SBIR 1996-1)
A Comprehensive Approach To Using Data From Optical Altimetry Sensors
Science Systems & Applications
Anoop Mehta,
$69,992.00 MD N/A GSFC 1996
01.13-3980 (SBIR 1996-1)
Cost Minimization And Schedule Optimization Via Cn&C Avionics Interface Standardization
Welch Engineering Ltd
Raymond Welch,
$70,000.00 MD N/A GSFC 1996
13.11-7500 (SBIR 1996-1)
Use Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Uavs) For Earth Remote Sensing
BAI Aerosystems Inc
Jay Willmott,
$66,952.00 MD N/A GSFC 1996
14.06-3710 (SBIR 1996-1)
Novel, Low-Temperature Ir-Re Coating For Oxidation Resistant Carbon Fibers
Ceramic Composites Inc.
Sharon Fehrenbacher,
$69,991.00 MD N/A JSC 1996
07.06-2027 (SBIR 1996-1)
An Architecture For Autonomous Spacecraft Engineering Data
Daedalian System Corp
John Allen,
$61,897.00 MD N/A GSFC 1996
16.12-7600 (SBIR 1996-1)
Micro-Miniaturized Ultra-High Vacuum Pump
Polychip Inc
David Salzman,
$70,000.00 MD N/A KSC 1996
13.11-2922 (SBIR 1996-1)
The Origin And Significance Of Electrical Stratospheric Phenomena
Leonard Arnowitz,
$70,000.00 MD N/A GSFC 1996
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