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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
04.15-2407 (SBIR 1992-1)
Terfenol-D Active-Truss Strut
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
Leonard Haynes,
$48,796.00 MD N/A JPL 1992
07.02-3223 (SBIR 1992-1)
Parallel-Architecture-Based Feature Extraction and Sensor Fusion for Object-Oriented Image Database Operations
LNK Corp Inc
Laveen Kanal,
$49,976.00 MD N/A GSFC 1992
09.08-7500 (SBIR 1992-1)
Bubble Tolerant Capillary Pumps
Dynatherm Corp
Walter Bienert,
$49,710.00 MD N/A GSFC 1992
08.04-8442 (SBIR 1992-1)
Measurement of Solar Radiation Variations as an Influence on Climate
Applied Research Corp
Andrew Endal,
$49,955.00 MD N/A GSFC 1992
02.01-3688 (SBIR 1992-1)
Pseudo-Spectral Mapping Technique for the Accurate Solution of Viscous Flows in Complex Geometries
Dynaflow Inc
G.L. Chahine,
$50,000.00 MD N/A ARC 1992
09.08-5500 (SBIR 1992-1)
Microcomputer-Based Spacecraft Thermal Analysis Software
Swales & Assoc Inc
Ronald Luzier,
$49,950.00 MD N/A GSFC 1992
08.17-6484 (SBIR 1992-1)
Collimators for X-Ray, Gamma Ray, and Neutron Astronomy
Artep Inc
Ronen Feldman,
$49,990.00 MD N/A GSFC 1992
12.05-0300 (SBIR 1992-1)
Efficient, Full-Spectrum, Long-Lived, Non-Toxic Lamp for Plant Growth
Fusion Systems Corp
Michael Ury,
$49,892.00 MD N/A KSC 1992
12.01-9357 (SBIR 1992-1)
System for Rapid Detection of Microbial Contamination in Water
New Horizons Diagnostics Corp
David Trudil,
$49,505.00 MD N/A JSC 1992
02.03-4471 (SBIR 1992-1)
High-Resolution Solutions to Stiff, Chemically Reacting Flow Fields
Enig Associates Inc
Julius Enig,
$49,770.00 MD N/A ARC 1992
Displaying 1-10 of 26