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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
05.03-40071 (SBIR 1989-1)
Telerobot Control Interface Based on Constraints
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
Leonard Haynes,
$49,960.00 MD N/A GSFC 1989
15.02-5800 (SBIR 1989-1)
Novel in Situ Technique to Visualize Convection on Solid-Liquid Interfaces
Brimrose Corporation of America
R. G. Rosemeier,
$50,000.00 MD N/A GRC 1989
08.05-3232 (SBIR 1989-1)
An Airborne, Laser-Depolarization, Imaging Sensor for Terrestrial Measurements
Ressler Assoc Inc
Gerald Ressler,
$49,958.00 MD N/A GSFC 1989
08.06-4161 (SBIR 1989-1)
Systems for Continuous Tuning and Single-Mode Operation of Solid-State Lasers
Hyo Sang Lee,
$49,009.00 MD N/A GSFC 1989
08.02-7518A (SBIR 1989-1)
Stochastic Rain Model and Its Application in Rain-Rate Estimation
Interdisciplinary Science Applications
Benjamin Kedem,
$48,140.00 MD N/A GSFC 1989
04.17-2694 (SBIR 1989-1)
Microwave-Compatible, High-Tc Superconducting Films on Sapphire Substrates
Neocera Inc
Roger Edwards,
$49,863.00 MD N/A GRC 1989
12.08-9357 (SBIR 1989-1)
Device for Sample Collection and Rapid Immunological Identification of Biological Specimens
New Horizons Diagnostics Corp
Larry Loomis,
$50,000.00 MD N/A JSC 1989
08.13-9546 (SBIR 1989-1)
Infrared Fiber Arrays for Low Background Infrared Astronomy
Infrared Fiber Systems Inc
Kenneth Levin,
$49,952.00 MD N/A GSFC 1989
08.21-8442 (SBIR 1989-1)
Highly Transparent and Rugged Sensor for Meteoroids and Space Debris
Applied Research Corp
Andrew Endal,
$48,700.00 MD N/A JSC 1989
12.01-7751I (SBIR 1989-1)
Selective Enrichment of Stable Calcium Isotopes Using Laser Techniques
Eastern Analytical Inc
Larry Moore,
$49,928.00 MD N/A JSC 1989
Displaying 1-10 of 17