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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S4.04-3349 (SBIR 2019-1)
Extreme Environment Tribological Characterization of Advanced Bearing Materials
ATSP Innovations
Jacob Meyer,
$124,999.00 IL Science GRC 2019
S1.05-3535 (SBIR 2019-1)
8k x 8k Delta Doped 3D Advanced Hybrid Detector Prototype For UV
NHanced Semiconductors
Robert Patti,
$124,694.00 IL Science JPL 2019
S3.01-3213 (SBIR 2019-1)
High Specific Power Radiation Hard Bifacial Back Metal Mirror Solar Cells for Flex Arrays
MicroLink Devices, Inc.
Noren Pan,
$125,000.00 IL Science GRC 2019
Z8.07-3323 (SBIR 2019-1)
METIS: A System and MBSE Methodology for Small Spacecraft Development
Orbital Transports, LLC
David Hurst,
$124,997.00 IL Space Technology LaRC 2019
T2.02-2527 (STTR 2019-1)
Advanced Flow Control System for In-Space Electric Propulsion
CU Aerospace, LLC
David Carroll,
$124,939.00 IL Small Business Technology Transfer GRC 2019
S1.10-3398 (SBIR 2019-1)
Compact and Highly-Sensitive Multi-Axes Gyroscope using Large Momentum Transfer Point Source Atom Interferometry
Digital Optics Technologies, Inc.
Selim Shahriar,
$124,989.00 IL Science GSFC 2019
S3.06-2547 (SBIR 2019-1)
Advanced Plasma Sprayed Conductive Thermal Control Material Systems (TCMS) - For Improved Performance
Applied Material Systems Engineering, Inc. (AMSENG)
Mukund Deshpande,
$124,999.00 IL Science GSFC 2019
Z8.01-2640 (SBIR 2019-1)
Low Flame Temperature Monopropellant Propulsion Unit for Cubesats (MPUC)
CU Aerospace, LLC
David Carroll,
$124,992.00 IL Space Technology ARC 2019
Z8.06-2641 (SBIR 2019-1)
CubeSail-D: A Module for Accelerated Spacecraft Deorbiting
CU Aerospace, LLC
David Carroll,
$124,995.00 IL Space Technology MSFC 2019
Z3.01-3986 (SBIR 2019-1)
Tool Material Design for Friction Stir Welding of High Strength Materials
QuesTek Innovations, LLC
Kevin Creely,
$124,924.00 IL Space Technology MSFC 2019
Displaying 1-10 of 15