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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
H9.01-1001 (SBIR 2018-1)
WDM 200Gb/s Optical Transceiver Chip Modules with Quadrature Modulation and RF Transmission Capabilities based on WDM Electronic-Photonic Integration Platform
Optonet, Inc.
Yingyan Huang,
$122,157.00 IL Human Exploration and Operations JPL 2018
S5.03-1266 (SBIR 2018-1)
Advancing Hyperspectral Imaging through Integrated Compressive Sensing / Inpainting via Machine Learning
Sivananthan Laboratories, Inc.
Paul Boieriu,
$124,918.00 IL Science GSFC 2018
Z3.01-2412 (SBIR 2018-1)
In-Process Temperature Measurements for Feedback Control of Solid State Joining
Industrial Measurement Systems, Inc.
Donald Yuhas,
$124,983.00 IL Space Technology MSFC 2018
Z11.01-3822 (SBIR 2018-1)
Acoustic Localization and Classification of MMOD Impacts on Space Structures Using Deep Learning Networks
Orbital Transports, LLC
David Hurst,
$124,732.00 IL Space Technology LaRC 2018
S3.01-1723 (SBIR 2018-1)
High Yield, High Efficiency Epitaxial Lift-Off Solar Cells for LILT Applications
MicroLink Devices, Inc.
Noren Pan,
$125,000.00 IL Science GRC 2018
H9.03-5452 (SBIR 2018-1)
Dynamically Leveraged Automated N-Multibody (DyLAN) Trajectory Optimization
CU Aerospace, LLC
David Carroll,
$124,982.00 IL Human Exploration and Operations GSFC 2018
S3.04-7622 (SBIR 2018-1)
Chip-Scale Active Fast Light Gyroscope and Accelerometer using Integrated Photonic Technology
Digital Optics Technologies, Inc.
Nicholas Condon,
$124,861.00 IL Science MSFC 2018
A1.03-4392 (SBIR 2018-1)
Plasma-Assisted Active Combustion Control as an Enabling Technology for N+3 Combustors
FGC Plasma Solutions
Felipe Gomez del Campo,
$124,738.00 IL Aeronautics Research GRC 2018
S5.01-4412 (SBIR 2018-1)
Enabling High Efficiency I/O Performance on High-End Computing Systems and Data Stores with HDF5
Akadio, Inc.
Jo Eads,
$124,955.00 IL Science ARC 2018
A1.07-8322 (SBIR 2018-1)
Integrated High Frequency Electric Propulsor for Turbo-Electric Aircraft
Hinetics, LLC
Vidya Haran,
$102,313.00 IL Aeronautics Research GRC 2018
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