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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
A1.10-1123 (SBIR 2018-1)
Ceramic Springs
TDA Research, Inc.
John Wright,
$124,991.00 CO Aeronautics Research GRC 2018
H1.01-1164 (SBIR 2018-1)
Liquid Sorption Pump
Pioneer Astronautics
Robert Zubrin,
$124,995.00 CO Human Exploration and Operations GRC 2018
S1.02-1173 (SBIR 2018-1)
High Aspect Ratio Cylindrical Parabolic Antenna for Microsats
Tendeg, LLC
Gregg Freebury,
$124,860.00 CO Science JPL 2018
H9.03-1177 (SBIR 2018-1)
Sustained Low Altitude Lunar Orbital Missions (SLALOM)
Advanced Space, LLC
Bradley Cheetham,
$124,954.00 CO Human Exploration and Operations GSFC 2018
H5.01-1302 (SBIR 2018-1)
Webbed Solar Array
TentGuild Engineering Company
Gyula Greschik,
$124,975.00 CO Human Exploration and Operations LaRC 2018
Z8.03-1882 (SBIR 2018-1)
Low-Cost, Quick-Turn Radiation Tolerant Encryption Engine
Microelectronics Research Development Corporation
Karen Van Cura,
$124,901.00 CO Space Technology GRC 2018
S1.02-2283 (SBIR 2018-1)
A 4 Square Meter High Aspect Ratio X Band Antenna for Small Satellites
MMA Design, LLC
Mitchell Wiens,
$124,812.00 CO Science JPL 2018
A1.03-2572 (SBIR 2018-1)
TBC with High Temperature Phase Stability for Low Emission-High Efficiency Gas Turbine Engines
Thermatin Industries, LLC
Carlin Gettliffe,
$124,527.00 CO Aeronautics Research GRC 2018
Z4.02-2682 (SBIR 2018-1)
MagTag Modular Interfaces for Palletized Subsystems and Satellites
Altius Space Machines, Inc.
Jonathan Goff,
$124,862.00 CO Space Technology LaRC 2018
S3.05-2693 (SBIR 2018-1)
Dynamic Soaring for Persistent Venus Upper Atmosphere Observations
Black Swift Technologies, LLC
Jack Elston,
$124,324.00 CO Science JPL 2018
Displaying 1-10 of 59