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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
T3.01-9987 (STTR 2014-1)
Compact Energy Conversion Module
Extreme Diagnostics, Inc.
Robert Owen,
$125,000.00 CO Small Business Technology Transfer SSC 2014
S20.03-9947 (SBIR Select 2014-1)
Radiation Hardened Structured ASIC Platform for Rapid Chip Development for Very High Speed System on a Chip (SoC) and Complex Digital Logic Systems
Microelectronics Research Development Corporation
Karen Van Cura,
$125,000.00 CO Science GSFC 2014
Z20.01-9855 (SBIR Select 2014-1)
Multi-Purpose Interplanetary Deployable Aerocapture System (MIDAS)
Altius Space Machines, Inc.
Jonathan Goff,
$124,703.00 CO Space Technology GRC 2014
Z20.01-9516 (SBIR Select 2014-1)
Solar Electric Propulsion CubeSat Bus for Deep Space Missions
ExoTerra Resource, LLC
Michael VanWoerkom,
$124,763.00 CO Space Technology MSFC 2014
H20.02-9404 (SBIR Select 2014-1)
Lightweight and Compact Multifunction Computer-Controlled Strength and Aerobic Training Device
TDA Research, Inc.
John Wright,
$124,997.00 CO Human Exploration and Operations GRC 2014
A2.01-9910 (SBIR 2014-1)
Non-Parametric, Closed-Loop Testing of Autonomy in Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Numerica Corporation
Emily Poore,
$124,882.00 CO Aeronautics Research AFRC 2014
S1.05-9799 (SBIR 2014-1)
Developing Near Real-time Data-Assimilative Models and Tools for the Space Environment
Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates, LLC
Gerald Thompson,
$124,998.00 CO Science GSFC 2014
S5.03-9646 (SBIR 2014-1)
Multi-Sensor Ensemble Aerosol Assimilation - CERES, MODIS and VIIRS
Tech-X Corporation
John Cary,
$124,900.00 CO Science LaRC 2014
H13.02-9598 (SBIR 2014-1)
Passive Wireless Sensor System for Structural Health Monitoring
Albido Corporation
Viorel Olariu,
$125,000.00 CO Human Exploration and Operations LaRC 2014
S2.02-9761 (SBIR 2014-1)
Precision Mobile-Joint and Latching Technologies for Deployable Optical Systems
MMA Design, LLC
Mitchell Wiens,
$124,986.00 CO Science JPL 2014
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