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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
X1.03-7991 (SBIR 2004-1)
Collection and Purification of Lunar Propellant Resources
Technology Applications Inc.
Fred Fusilier,
$70,000.00 CO Exploration Systems ARC 2004
S4.04-7980 (SBIR 2004-1)
Deep Space Cryogenic Power Electronics
Technology Applications Inc.
Fred Fusilier,
$70,000.00 CO N/A GRC 2004
B3.06-9582 (SBIR 2004-1)
Spacecraft Water Regeneration by Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation
Eltron Research & Development Inc.
Eileen Sammells,
$70,000.00 CO Exploration Systems MSFC 2004
E2.04-9530 (SBIR 2004-1)
High Impulse Nanoparticulate-Based Gel Propellants
Eltron Research & Development Inc.
Eileen Sammells,
$69,995.00 CO N/A GSFC 2004
B3.10-9471 (SBIR 2004-1)
Real-Time Novel Holographic Monitoring of Airborne Trace Contaminants Onboard Space Vessels
AlphaSniffer LLC
Mikhail Plam,
$69,799.00 CO Exploration Systems JPL 2004
X2.04-7565 (SBIR 2004-1)
Expandable Cryogenic Tankage for On Orbit Depot Storage
Terence Gier,
$69,951.77 CO Exploration Systems KSC 2004
S1.05-9216 (SBIR 2004-1)
High-Performance Data Analysis Tools for Sun-Earth Connection Missions
Tech-X Corporation
John Cary,
$69,555.31 CO N/A GSFC 2004
X4.03-9959 (SBIR 2004-1)
On-Orbit Health Monitoring and Repair Assessment of Thermal Protection Systems
Extreme Diagnostics, Inc.
Robert Owen,
$70,000.00 CO Exploration Systems LaRC 2004
A2.07-8842 (SBIR 2004-1)
Vibrating Wingstroke Mechanism
Greg Glatzmaier,
$69,991.00 CO N/A AFRC 2004
X3.02-8599 (SBIR 2004-1)
Electrical Power and Heat from Crew Waste Using an Integrated Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Fixed-Bed Gasifier
ITN Energy Systems Inc.
Janet Casteel,
$69,963.00 CO Exploration Systems JSC 2004
Displaying 1-10 of 32