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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
F4.01-7069 (SBIR 2003-1)
Ultraminiature, Micropower Multipurpose Display
Displaytech Inc.
Mark Handschy,
$69,987.00 CO N/A JSC 2003
F2.01-9557 (SBIR 2003-1)
In-Situ Resources Utilization for Organic Chemicals Production
Eltron Research & Development Inc.
Eileen Sammells,
$69,997.00 CO N/A MSFC 2003
A1.01-9927 (SBIR 2003-1)
Flight-appropriate 3D Terrain-rendering Toolkit for Synthetic Vision
TerraMetrics Inc.
Gregory Baxes,
$69,844.00 CO N/A LaRC 2003
S4.01-8286 (SBIR 2003-1)
A Miniaturized and Robust FTS Sensor
Vescent Photonics, Inc.
Scott Davis,
$69,960.04 CO N/A JPL 2003
E1.01-8928 (SBIR 2003-1)
Large Format Uncooled Focal Plane Array
Black Forest Engineering, LLC
Stephen Gaalema,
$69,431.00 CO N/A LaRC 2003
F1.01-8237 (SBIR 2003-1)
Three Phase Resonant DC Power Converter for Ion Thrusters
Colorado Power Electronics, Inc.
Geoffrey Drummond,
$69,949.00 CO N/A JPL 2003
F3.02-9780 (SBIR 2003-1)
Orbital Liquid Oxygen Pump
Greg Glatzmaier,
$69,960.00 CO N/A GRC 2003
F2.01-9243 (SBIR 2003-1)
Mars Aqueous Processing System
Pioneer Astronautics
Robert Zubrin,
$69,988.51 CO N/A JSC 2003
S5.02-9208 (SBIR 2003-1)
Mars Solar Balloon Lander
Pioneer Astronautics
Robert Zubrin,
$69,940.87 CO N/A JPL 2003
A2.06-8614 (SBIR 2003-1)
Low Mach Scramjet Cavity Flameholder Stabilization
TDA Research, Inc.
John Wright,
$70,000.00 CO N/A LaRC 2003
Displaying 1-10 of 29