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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
A1.05-9645 (SBIR 2017-1)
A Fully Automated Mesh Generation Tool
Lei Tang,
$124,955.00 AZ Aeronautics Research LaRC 2017
S3.07-9949 (SBIR 2017-1)
Sensitivity Enhanced Fiber Laser Gyr
Lenzner Research, LLC
Matthias Lenzner,
$124,506.00 AZ Science MSFC 2017
A2.01-9699 (SBIR 2017-1)
Active Battery Management System with Physics Based Life Modeling Topology
Electric Power Systems
Nathan Millecam,
$124,796.00 AZ Aeronautics Research AFRC 2017
Z9.01-9204 (SBIR 2017-1)
Flight Demonstration of a Micropump-based Stage Pressurization System
Vector Launch Inc.
Carole Leon,
$124,923.00 AZ Space Technology MSFC 2017
Z3.02-8958 (SBIR 2017-1)
Solid State Non-powder Process for Boron Nitride Nanotube Metal Matrix Composite
Thomas Smith,
$124,860.00 AZ Space Technology MSFC 2017
S3.03-8929 (SBIR 2017-1)
Single-Chip DC-DC Converter for Harsh Environments
Alphacore, Inc.
Esko Mikkola,
$124,846.00 AZ Science GRC 2017
Z2.01-8839 (SBIR 2017-1)
Controlled Stagnation Radiator
Paragon Space Development Corporation
Tracey Jaloma,
$124,573.00 AZ Space Technology JSC 2017
H3.01-9384 (SBIR 2017-1)
Expandable Habitat Outfit Structures
Paragon Space Development Corporation
Tracey Jaloma,
$124,904.00 AZ Human Exploration and Operations JSC 2017
S1.01-9266 (SBIR 2017-1)
All Fiber Gas Reference Cell
James Fountain,
$124,997.00 AZ Science GSFC 2017
S3.03-9009 (SBIR 2017-1)
Lightweight High Energy Density Capacitors for NASA AMPS and PPUs
Sigma Technologies International, Inc.
Christopher Hohmann,
$120,055.00 AZ Science GRC 2017
Displaying 1-10 of 19