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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
09.10-1980B (SBIR 1998-1)
Diamond/Carbon-Nanotube Structures
R.O. Loutfy,
$70,000.00 AZ N/A JSC 1998
05.01-1010 (SBIR 1998-1)
A Vent Control for Optimizing Airbag Performance
Zerad Inc.
Richard Zimmermann,
$68,712.00 AZ N/A LaRC 1998
27.01-9053B (SBIR 1998-1)
Grindable and Polishable Enhanced Epoxy for CFRP Composite Mirror Surfaces
Infinite Materials & Products Inc
Milton Schick,
$70,000.00 AZ N/A MSFC 1998
22.01-2300 (SBIR 1998-1)
Strained Silicon Quantum Wells for Cryogenic Electronics
Lawrence Photoelectronic Laboratories
Lamonte Lawrence,
$69,997.00 AZ N/A ARC 1998
20.02-8200 (SBIR 1998-1)
Optimal Orbit Transfer Analysis for Advanced Space Systems
Spectrum Astro Inc
Patricia Oleson,
$69,350.00 AZ N/A GSFC 1998
15.01-4884 (SBIR 1998-1)
Ultra Low Weight Turbomolecular Pump
Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies
Eric Miller,
$69,324.00 AZ N/A JPL 1998
08.02-6944 (SBIR 1998-1)
Miniaturized Array Sensor for Physiological and Metabolic Monitoring
Amsen Technologies, LLC
Ayyasamy Aruchamy,
$70,000.00 AZ N/A ARC 1998
18.02-1980 (SBIR 1998-1)
Low Cost High Energy Density Lithium-ion Batteries for Low Temperature Applications
R.O. Loutfy,
$69,992.00 AZ N/A JPL 1998
26.02-2867 (SBIR 1998-1)
Universal Modulator for Very High Speed Wireless Digital Communications Data
Sicom Inc
Ron McCallister,
$69,909.00 AZ N/A GRC 1998
04.04-2616 (SBIR 1998-1)
Development of ZrC/Cf Composites for Low-Cost, Lightweight Engine Components
Advanced Ceramics Research Inc.
Earl Williams,
$70,000.00 AZ N/A MSFC 1998
Displaying 1-10 of 18