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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
08.06-7513 (SBIR 1994-1)
Ultra-High Precision Positioner For Active And Adaptive Optics Systems
System Specialists Inc
Harold Cauthen,
$69,991.00 AZ N/A JPL 1994
10.03-1980 (SBIR 1994-1)
Advanced Electrode Materials For Lithuim Rechargeable Battery
J.C. Withers,
$70,000.00 AZ N/A GRC 1994
08.01-1265 (SBIR 1994-1)
A Simplified Packaging Technique For Backside-Illuminated Ccds
Photometrics Ltd
Gregory Teesdale,
$68,202.00 AZ N/A GSFC 1994
08.07-2901 (SBIR 1994-1)
Novel Lead-Free Solders
Amalgamated Technologies Inc
Roy Beal,
$68,580.00 AZ N/A HQ 1994
14.05-2867A (SBIR 1994-1)
Innovative Burst Modem For Satellite Communications
Sicom Inc
Robert Putnam,
$69,974.00 AZ N/A GRC 1994
09.11-7909 (SBIR 1994-1)
Autonomous Control Of Uncertain Flexible Space Systems
Scientific Monitoring Inc.
Link Jaw,
$64,329.00 AZ N/A LaRC 1994
02.06-8013 (SBIR 1994-1)
Pressure Sensitive Flexible Optical Filters For Surface Pressure Sensors
Sigma Technologies International, Inc.
Angelo Yializis,
$70,000.00 AZ N/A ARC 1994
04.08-1980 (SBIR 1994-1)
Economical Processing Of Carbon-Carbon Composites For Dual Use Aerospace And Commercial Applications
R.O. Loutfy,
$70,000.00 AZ N/A LaRC 1994
14.05-2867B (SBIR 1994-1)
M-Ary Extension To Gmsk Modulation
Sicom Inc
Robert Putnam,
$69,806.00 AZ N/A GRC 1994
12.07-1980 (SBIR 1994-1)
Novel Fullerene Bed For Low Pressure Storage System
J.C. Withers,
$70,000.00 AZ N/A ARC 1994
Displaying 1-10 of 14