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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
04.21-1980 (SBIR 1993-1)
Multi-Filament Ceramic Fibers for the Reinforcement of Titanium-Aluminide
J.C. Withers,
$70,000.00 AZ N/A GRC 1993
03.06-8362 (SBIR 1993-1)
On-Line Monitoring of Engine Performance Parameters and Algorithms to Identify Compressor Instabilities
Scientific Monitoring Inc.
Link Jaw,
$65,131.00 AZ N/A ARC 1993
04.08-2616 (SBIR 1993-1)
Refractory Composite for High-Temperature Gas Containment
Advanced Ceramics Research Inc.
Mark Angier,
$69,999.00 AZ N/A LaRC 1993
13.07-3208 (SBIR 1993-1)
An Electrostatic Field Detector
Richard R. Zito R&D Corp
Richard Zito,
$69,817.00 AZ N/A KSC 1993
15.01-1980 (SBIR 1993-1)
Fullerene Synthesis in Microgravity to Establish Mechanism of Formation
J.C. Withers,
$70,000.00 AZ N/A MSFC 1993
11.02-1980 (SBIR 1993-1)
Fullerene-Based Ablative Coolant for Small, Chemical, Space Propulsion Systems
J.C. Withers,
$69,437.00 AZ N/A JSC 1993
01.02-1099 (SBIR 1993-1)
Clean, Efficient, High-Performance, Reduced-Cost Combustor for Small Gas Turbine Engines
Advanced Propulsion Inc
Kenneth Presley,
$70,000.00 AZ N/A GRC 1993
08.24-7513 (SBIR 1993-1)
Miniaturized Displacement Sensor for Active and Adaptive Optics
System Specialists Inc
Harold Cauthen,
$68,581.00 AZ N/A MSFC 1993
04.18-1980 (SBIR 1993-1)
Processing of Metal Matrix Composites with Controlled Microstructures
J.C. Withers,
$70,000.00 AZ N/A GRC 1993
08.19-1265 (SBIR 1993-1)
Spatially Modulated, Fourier-Transform Spectrometer Using Charge-Coupled-Devices
Photometrics Ltd
Robert Stevenson,
$69,969.00 AZ N/A JPL 1993
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