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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
03.03-4800A (SBIR 1998-1)
Low Frequency, High Amplitude Fuel Modulator to Enhance Lean Blowout and Reduce Emissions in AST Combustors
CFD Research Corporation
Ashok Singhal,
$69,926.00 AL N/A GRC 1998
14.01-7000 (SBIR 1998-1)
Integrated Optical Design Evaluation Tool
SRS Technologies
Harold Pastrick,
$69,986.00 AL N/A MSFC 1998
04.01-9282 (SBIR 1998-1)
A Thermally Integrated Structure Using Aerogel and Innovative Manufacturing
Qualis Corp
Elizabeth Blackwood,
$70,000.00 AL N/A MSFC 1998
08.03-3999 (SBIR 1998-1)
System Studies & Simulation Inc
Ramachandra (Srini) Srinivas,
$69,310.00 AL N/A MSFC 1998
13.10-5120 (SBIR 1998-1)
Preformed Thin-Film Mirrors and Inflatable Support Structures with Integrated Active Control
United Applied Technologies Inc.
Rodney Bradford,
$70,000.00 AL N/A GSFC 1998
27.01-9877 (SBIR 1998-1)
Minianture, Rugged, Low Cost Surface Roughness Instrument
AZ Technology Inc
Randy Tucker,
$69,712.00 AL N/A MSFC 1998
11.01-9877 (SBIR 1998-1)
Space Adaptor Kit for Small Payloads
AZ Technology Inc
Randy Tucker,
$69,765.00 AL N/A MSFC 1998
16.01-7653 (SBIR 1998-1)
Low-Cost Fabrication, Lightweight Optics, Mirrors, and Benches
Plasma Processes, LLC
Timothy McKechnie,
$70,000.00 AL N/A GSFC 1998
14.01-9233 (SBIR 1998-1)
Tension-Based Support Structures for Very Large Space Telescopes
The Sirius Group
Glenn Zeiders,
$70,000.00 AL N/A MSFC 1998
04.01-6233 (SBIR 1998-1)
An Integrated Tool for Launch Vehicle Base-Heating Analysis
Engineering Sciences Inc
Yen-Sen Chen,
$67,988.00 AL N/A MSFC 1998
Displaying 1-10 of 27