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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
11.01-7000A (SBIR 1994-1)
Fiberoptic Infrared Imaging Instrumentation For Minimally Intrusive Surface Temperature Mapping Of Rocket Engine Components
SRS Technologies
Harold Pastrick,
$69,992.00 AL N/A MSFC 1994
11.01-8581 (SBIR 1994-1)
Miniature Independent Data Acquisition Package
B. Dianne Young,
$69,991.00 AL N/A MSFC 1994
11.01-3822 (SBIR 1994-1)
Advanced Propulsion System Test-And-Tell Capability
Smith Advanced Technology Inc
Kenneth Scott,
$69,912.00 AL N/A GRC 1994
10.04-7481 (SBIR 1994-1)
Electrochromics For Spacecraft Thermal Control
AZ Technology Inc
Donald Wilkes,
$68,695.00 AL N/A GRC 1994
13.01-4844A (SBIR 1994-1)
Rapid Sensor To Detect Leaks During Fueling Operations
Physitron Inc.
John McSwain,
$70,000.00 AL N/A KSC 1994
11.01-7953 (SBIR 1994-1)
Artifical Intelligence In Rocket Exhaust Plume And Plume Environment Methods For Launch Vehicle And Spacecraft Design
Huntsville Sciences Corp
James McAnally,
$70,000.00 AL N/A MSFC 1994
03.07-1769 (SBIR 1994-1)
Solution-Adaptive Aerodynamics Modeling On Personal Computers
Research South Inc.
Betty Spradley,
$70,000.00 AL N/A LaRC 1994
08.06-9095A (SBIR 1994-1)
Next Generation Edge Sensor For Segmented Primary Mirror Adaptive Optics Systems
SY Technology Inc
Mike Larkin,
$66,385.00 AL N/A MSFC 1994
11.01-5120 (SBIR 1994-1)
Thin Film Fresnel Lens/Reflector With Lightweight Deployable Structure
United Applied Technologies Inc.
Rodney Bradford,
$70,000.00 AL N/A MSFC 1994
12.01-6576 (SBIR 1994-1)
Coupled Fluid-Structure Model For Improved Evaluation Of Vestibular Function During In-Flight Conditions
CFD Research Corporation
Ashok Singhal,
$70,000.00 AL N/A JSC 1994
Displaying 1-10 of 28