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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
01.02-6576 (SBIR 1992-1)
Innovative Variable Geometry Fuel-Air Premix Tube for Low NOx Gas Turbine Combustors
CFD Research Corporation
Ashok Singhal,
$50,000.00 AL N/A GRC 1992
11.02-6576 (SBIR 1992-1)
Virtual Design Tools for Thermo-Fluid Analysis of Liquid Rocket Engine Thrust Chambers
CFD Research Corporation
Ashok Singhal,
$50,000.00 AL N/A MSFC 1992
04.27-8600 (SBIR 1992-1)
Neural Processing for Weld Sensors
Applied Research Inc
V. K. Creekmore,
$49,905.00 AL N/A MSFC 1992
09.20-8581 (SBIR 1992-1)
Measurements of Gas-Surface Interactions from Plume Constituents on Spacecraft Surfaces
Charles Fuller,
$50,000.00 AL N/A MSFC 1992
11.05-4707 (SBIR 1992-1)
Improved Electroformed Structural Copper and Copper Alloys for Rocket Components
Electroformed Nickel Inc
Rich Edwards,
$49,768.00 AL N/A GRC 1992
12.09-0769 (SBIR 1992-1)
Virtual Reality Ultrasonic Positioning System
Ricky Roberson,
$49,900.00 AL N/A MSFC 1992
04.24-7572 (SBIR 1992-1)
Innovative Plasma Nozzle Techniques for Eliminating Overspray
Plasma Processes, LLC
Cheri McKechnie,
$48,973.00 AL N/A MSFC 1992
11.02-4747 (SBIR 1992-1)
Low-Cost Analysis Tool for Concurrent Engineering Applications
Huntsville Sciences Corp
James McAnally,
$49,737.00 AL N/A MSFC 1992
11.03-0660 (SBIR 1992-1)
Comprehensive Model for Combustion Instability in Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines
Engineering Sciences Inc
Yen-Sen Chen,
$49,972.00 AL N/A MSFC 1992
15.01-6576 (SBIR 1992-1)
Microscopic and Macroscopic Modeling of Layer Growth Kinetics and Morphology in Vapor Deposition Processing
CFD Research Corporation
Ashok Singhal,
$50,000.00 AL N/A GRC 1992
Displaying 1-10 of 23