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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
A20.01-9145 (SBIR Select 2014-2)
Integration of Tactical Departure Scheduling and Traffic Flow Management
Mosaic ATM, Inc.
Chris Stevenson,
$1,495,920.00 VA Aeronautics Research ARC 2014
S20.01-8853 (SBIR Select 2014-2)
Ku/Ka-Band Electrically-Scanned Line Array for Tri-Band Cloud and Precipitation Radar Applications
Nuvotronics, Inc
Scott Meller,
$1,499,789.00 VA Science JPL 2014
H7.01-8880 (SBIR 2014-1)
Wireless SAW Based Temperature Gradient Sensor
Prime Photonics, LC
Steve Poland,
$124,859.00 VA Human Exploration and Operations ARC 2014
H5.02-8800 (SBIR 2014-1)
Tensioned Rollable Ultra-light Solar array System (TRUSS)
Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc.
Jamie Garrett,
$124,720.00 VA Human Exploration and Operations LaRC 2014
A4.01-9539 (SBIR 2014-2)
Development of a "Digital Bridge" Thermal Anemometer for Turbulence Measurements
Vigyan, Inc.
Eugene White,
$754,996.00 VA Aeronautics Research LaRC 2014
Displaying 41-45 of 45