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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S4.04-8127 (SBIR 2006-1)
Programmable Relaxor Open-Loop Mirrors Using Imaging Spatial Encoder (PROMISE)
Xinetics Inc.
Shoko Yoshikawa,
$99,958.00 MA Science JPL 2006
A2.08-8427 (SBIR 2006-1)
Piezo-Hydraulic Hybrid Pump for Flight Control
Axis Engineering Technologies
Eric Prechtl,
$99,969.19 MA Aeronautics Research AFRC 2006
S7.01-8394 (SBIR 2006-1)
Nano-g Micromachined Inertial Sensors with Low Payload Impact
Radiant Acoustics Inc.
Steve Derezinski,
$99,985.08 MA Science GSFC 2006
A1.03-8344 (SBIR 2006-1)
Magneto-Thermography and Hybrid Methods for Composite Life Management
JENTEK Sensors, Inc.
Joni Hatem,
$99,937.00 MA Aeronautics Research LaRC 2006
Displaying 41-44 of 44