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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
08.08-4242 (SBIR 1999-2)
Two-Phase Cryogen Massflow and Quality Metering by Multiuse Microwave Sensors
Foster-Miller Inc
Adi Guzdar,
$599,744.00 MA N/A GRC 1999
19.01-5355A (SBIR 1999-2)
State Estimation for Distributed Spacecraft using Covariance Intersection
Scientific Systems Company, Inc.
Raman Mehra,
$600,000.00 MA N/A JPL 1999
08.08-5058 (SBIR 1999-2)
Non-Flammable Hydrophobic Aerogel Composite Insulation for Cryogenic Storage
Aspen Systems Inc.
Hamed Borhanian,
$600,000.00 MA N/A JSC 1999
02.03-9500 (SBIR 1999-2)
Multiple jet engine pollutant measurement with tunable diode laser arrays
Aerodyne Research, Inc.
David Stickler,
$600,000.00 MA N/A GRC 1999
07.01-7270 (SBIR 1999-2)
Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide Miniature Sensor for Space Bioreactors
Giner, Inc.
Anthony LaConti,
$599,795.00 MA N/A JSC 1999
05.02-9777 (SBIR 1999-2)
Prediction and Control of Unsteady Aeroelasticity for Future Aerospace Vehicles
BEAM Technologies Inc
Gahl Berkooz,
$594,896.00 MA N/A LaRC 1999
01.06-9515 (SBIR 1999-2)
Capacitance-Based Turbine Blade Vibration Monitor
Aerogage Corp
Wayne Haase,
$599,754.00 MA N/A GRC 1999
17.05-5565 (SBIR 1999-2)
A High Isp Hall Thruster for Advanced In-Space Propulsion
Busek Company, Inc.
Judy Budny,
$599,777.00 MA N/A GRC 1999
02.01-0700 (SBIR 1999-2)
Active/Passive Attenuation of Sound in Aircraft Interiors
Adam Bogue,
$585,349.00 MA N/A LaRC 1999
25.01-4770 (SBIR 1999-2)
Chemical Flow Modeling for Enhanced Analysis of Contamination Experiments
Spectral Sciences, Inc.
Fritz Bien,
$593,594.00 MA N/A MSFC 1999
Displaying 41-50 of 58