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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S1.02-8919 (SBIR 2012-2)
Space-Qualifiable Digital Radar Transceiver
Trident Systems, Inc.
Bonnie Edwards,
$749,970.00 VA Science JPL 2012
H3.04-9801 (SBIR 2012-2)
Self-Powered Magnetothermal Fluid Pump
Prime Photonics, LC
Steve Poland,
$749,936.00 VA Human Exploration and Operations MSFC 2012
E3.01-9470 (SBIR Select 2012-2)
Solid State Transmitters for Water Vapor and Ozone DIAL Systems
Fibertek, Inc.
Tracy Perinis,
$1,499,351.00 VA Science LaRC 2012
E1.01-8239 (SBIR Select 2012-2)
300C/15 kW power converter with AlGaN/GaN-Si MOS-HFETs for electric propulsion systems
GeneSiC Semiconductor, Inc.
Ranbir Singh,
$1,499,992.00 VA Human Exploration and Operations GRC 2012
T12.01-9868 (STTR 2012-2)
Advanced Deposition Capability for Oxidation & Corrosion Protection Coatings
Directed Vapor Technologies International, Inc
Matthew Terry,
$749,401.00 VA Small Business Technology Transfer GRC 2012
T5.01-9952 (STTR 2012-2)
Autonomous Navigation in GNSS-Denied Environments
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
Scott Hart,
$749,913.00 VA Small Business Technology Transfer LaRC 2012
Displaying 31-36 of 36