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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
O1.08-9244 (SBIR 2006-1)
Space-Qualifiable 1064 nm Fiber Based Transmitter for Long Range Optical Communications
Fibertek, Inc.
Guy Beaghler,
$99,857.89 VA Space Operations JPL 2006
S2.03-8428 (SBIR 2006-1)
Nanocomposite Thermolectric Materials by High Pressure Powder Consolidation Manufacturing
Marian Ludlow,
$99,995.65 VA Science JPL 2006
A3.01-8376 (SBIR 2006-1)
Airspace Flow Program Modeling in the Future ATC Concept Evaluation Tool
Mosaic ATM, Inc.
Chris Brinton,
$99,942.00 VA Aeronautics Research ARC 2006
Displaying 31-33 of 33