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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S3.04-2964 (SBIR 2019-1)
Stabilizing and Miniaturizing a Fast Light Enhanced Gyroscope for Navigation
MagiQ Technologies, Inc.
Caleb Christensen,
$124,918.00 MA Science MSFC 2019
S1.07-3087 (SBIR 2019-1)
Deep UV Laser for Lunar Exploration
Q-Peak, Inc.
B. David Green,
$124,922.00 MA Science GSFC 2019
Z7.04-3492 (SBIR 2019-1)
High Temperature Nozzle Seals for Dissimilar Materials
Physical Sciences, Inc.
B. David Green,
$124,998.00 MA Space Technology MSFC 2019
S1.02-4165 (SBIR 2019-1)
V-Band Switch (65-70 GHz)
Millimeter Wave Systems, LLC
Brenda Mangels,
$124,993.00 MA Science JPL 2019
A1.04-3055 (SBIR 2019-2)
High Energy Density and High Cycle Life Lithium-Sulfur Battery For Electrified Aircraft Propulsion
Giner, Inc.
Cortney Mittelsteadt,
$749,997.00 MA Aeronautics Research GRC 2019
S2.01-3210 (SBIR 2019-2)
Eliminating High-Spatial-Frequency Topography due to Print-Through in MEMS Deformable Mirrors
Boston Micromachines Corporation
Paul Bierden,
$709,765.00 MA Science JPL 2019
S1.04-4100 (SBIR 2019-2)
Computational Pixel Imager (CPI) Readout Integrated Circuits for Next Generation High Performance and Low SWaP Sensors
Copious Imaging, LLC
Thomas Klein,
$749,769.00 MA Science JPL 2019
S1.08-4126 (SBIR 2019-2)
Advanced Multi-Pass Cell Technology
Aerodyne Research, Inc.
David Gordon,
$749,998.00 MA Science LaRC 2019
Z12.01-2741 (SBIR 2019-2)
Solar Concentrator System for Lunar ISRU Applications
Physical Sciences, Inc.
B. David Green,
$749,991.00 MA Space Technology GRC 2019
T2.03-2775 (STTR 2019-2)
Bimodal Ion-Chemical Thruster System
Espace, Inc.
Francois Martel,
Not Available Yet MA Small Business Technology Transfer MSFC 2019
Displaying 21-30 of 32