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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S1.06-8099 (SBIR 2016-1)
Radiation Tolerant Temperature-Invariant Scintillation Modules
Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.
Mary Abud,
$125,000.00 MA Science JPL 2016
A2.02-8065 (SBIR 2016-1)
Tool for Collaborative Autonomy
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
Scott Hart,
$124,980.00 MA Aeronautics Research AFRC 2016
S1.04-8039 (SBIR 2016-1)
High Efficiency Semiconductor Arrays for Hard X-Ray Imaging
Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.
Jennifer Carey,
$124,936.00 MA Science GSFC 2016
S1.08-7939 (SBIR 2016-1)
Real-Time Monitor of Clumped CO2 Isotope in Ambient Air
Aerodyne Research, Inc.
David Nelson,
$124,963.00 MA Science ARC 2016
S1.07-7938 (SBIR 2016-1)
Miniaturized Airborne Instrument for N2O
Aerodyne Research, Inc.
John McManus,
$124,942.00 MA Science GSFC 2016
H7.01-7553 (SBIR 2016-1)
Through-Thickness Health Monitoring of Thermal Protection Systems
JENTEK Sensors, Inc.
Joni Hatem,
$120,735.00 MA Human Exploration and Operations ARC 2016
S3.03-7420 (SBIR 2016-1)
Ultracapacitor Based Power Supply for CubeSats
FastCAP Systems Corporation
John Cooley,
$118,906.00 MA Science GRC 2016
S1.09-7386 (SBIR 2016-1)
Low Loss Superconducting Magnets Operating at 15 - 40 K
Superconducting Systems, Inc.
Shahin Pourrahimi,
$124,964.00 MA Science GSFC 2016
H2.02-7384 (SBIR 2016-1)
Electrolytic Method for Tungsten Coating of Uranium Oxide Spheres
Reactive Innovations, LLC
Michael kimble,
$125,000.00 MA Human Exploration and Operations MSFC 2016
H12.01-7378 (SBIR 2016-1)
Task Analysis Data Processing and Enhanced Representations (TAPER)
Charles River Analytics, Inc.
Yvonne Fuller,
$122,956.00 MA Human Exploration and Operations JSC 2016
Displaying 21-30 of 37